the girls that get it get it

The woman who originated ‘the girls that get it, get it’ TikTok sound wants to trademark it

She’s tired of people using her phrase without credit

A TikToker who first came up with the viral meme: “The girls that get it, get it. And the girls that don’t, don’t” has criticised brands and other creators for using and re-adapting the sound without crediting her.

The original sound was used and re-recorded by TikTok users worldwide. Brands – like Boohoo – even began using it to advertise their products, given the trend has over 300 million views. But now, Michaela Jennings (@khaenotbae) is considering trademarking the soundbite altogether.

According to Refinery29, Michaela said it was “disrespectful” that people had been using her sound without acknowledging her for the original.

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In the creator’s original TikTok, she responded to someone making fun of her hair by saying: “The girls that get it, get it. And the girls that don’t, don’t.” It’s since gained over 500,000 likes and total internet notoriety.

The sound became synonymous with online beauty hacks – which became more and more niche as the trend rolled on. These included going pantless while wearing leggings, making scrunchie hair rollers and folding jeans up so they sit above your ankles.

Michaela has grown increasingly distressed with the amount of brands jumping on the trend without giving her any credit, and subsequently contacted them for financial compensation. According to Insider, the brands have been reluctant to do so.

@makayla.swansonThe girls that get it get it 🤷🏻‍♀️♬ original sound – Makenzie Wilburn

A number of viral videos using the phrase have been re-recorded by other creators – some of which have received significantly more interactions than the original. Michaela hasn’t been credited in a lot of them.

The TikToker stated it was “eerie” seeing a few of her sounds gain traction, as her videos are geared towards the Black community. “I didn’t expect me to even to go past Black TikTok,” she said. “And then also girls remaking my sound and getting brand deals from it… to see them try and tell me to shut up and be grateful… Yeah, it’s very disrespectful.”

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