turning red memes

Take your place in the ritual and enjoy these 23 Turning Red memes

A film about puberty set in peak Y2K? I’m in x

Okay, so I unironically love Turning Red. I swear I don’t often sit around watching kids’ shows and films, but something about this new Pixar instalment had me hooked.

First and foremost, when do teenage girls EVER get to see themselves represented properly on screen? We were wild, teary, anxious, angry balls of hormones who were constantly hyper-aware of our looks and easy to embarrass. Starting our periods and being picked on at school were our worst fears, and this film captures that perfectly.

So, try not to spontaneously turn into a giant red panda, sit back and enjoy these 23 memes about my new fave Pixar film:

1. Take that, critics

2. U ok hun?

3. Is this a Drake lyric or what?

4. Obsessed with Mai’s mum

5. ‘Siiiick’

6. I am Abby, Abby is me

7. Just another Abby appreciation post

8. The real curse is this

9. More films about girls being loud and taking up space pls!

10. Billie Eilish wrote it btw, you’re welcome

11. She’s lawful evil

12. Teenage girls will always be chaotic!! It’s a rite of passage

13. Me 30 minutes in

14. Omg

15. I think this 100-minute-long film was a personal attack

16. Leaving the cinema feeling cleansed and soothed

17. Perhaps the real Y2K boyband was the friends we made along the way

18. OAP points if you’re old enough to remember this era

19. Personally, I never left my teenage phase

20. Eh

21. Ahahahaha

22. Oh right x

23. You either liked it or you’re a liar – there’s no in-between

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Featured image via Disney/Pixar.