real housewives of salt lake city reunion memes

These are the 23 funniest memes about the chaotic RHOSLC reunion episodes

Seriously, how did Jen manage that?

It’s happened, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season two is finally over and honestly, thank god. The series ended with a three part reunion and amongst the drama, receipts and fraud charges there were a lot of hilarious memes about the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City reunion taking over Twitter.

The second season of the show focused on Jen Shah’s fraud charges, the breakdown of Lisa and Meredith’s relationship and the feud between Whitney and Mary. There were incredibly tense car journeys, uncomfortable painting scenes and Lisa Barlow calling Meredith a “wh*re”. This season also introduced us to new housewife Jennie Nguyen who we will not being seeing again after she was fired for a number of racist Facebook posts.

Many of these topics were addressed during the chaotic reunion including how many years Jen could get behind bars and rumours of Mary’s church being a cult. However despite all these serious allegations the majority of the reunion was focused on Lisa’s relationship with many of the women, a point many people have raised on Twitter when watching the show.

And as well as talking about it people have been making a LOT of memes about the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City reunion and these are the 23 funniest:

1. Hate myself for liking this about Jen

2. Are we literally forgetting her arrest?

3. LOL

4. For a woman who didn’t turn up, Mary was talked about a lot

5. Goodbye

6. Nothing to see here

7. Where is Andy’s Emmy?

8. I was not prepared

9. Too accurate

10. Hahahahha

11. Um yeah ok

12. Truly the definition of ride or die

13. Sorry where is his cameo?

14. It’s a tough call

15. Oh they are 100 per cent watching

16. A joy

17. How is this possible?

18. Sure, babe

19. Who?

20. They were on it

21. Truly wild

22. Thank god

23. And we are finally done

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