TikTok mums versus Vladimir Putin

British Mums on TikTok are fighting back against Vladimir Putin so hard he’s shaking

Russia just surrendered because your ma painted the Ukrainian flag on her fingernails

It seems nothing can stop Vladimir Putin’s horrific agenda in Ukraine, and no amount of reasoning can convince him to withdraw Russian troops from the country. That is, of course, until he sees what’s happening on British TikTok. Vladimir Putin truly does not know what he’s up against on the isle that birthed LoveOfHuns – and one scroll of the TikTok For You Page makes it clear to see that his biggest threat comes in the form of him versus British mums, changed Facebook profile pictures and little hearts in the colours of the Ukrainian flag slapped up in the windows of suburban Wigan. Accompanied perfectly by a defeated Smithy voiceover from Gavin and Stacey, TikTok has become the perfect outlet for people to share all the well-intentioned if *slightly* futile ways British people are showing support for Ukraine in the war. Here’s a round up of some of the best.

1. Dressing gowned mum puts hearts in the window

@currochips♬ Not gonna bother – Iwan Edwards

A classic here. Once Putin clocks those primary school art room hearts he will know that he’s fighting a losing battle.

2. The chalk board offensive

@user7483922626♬ Not gonna bother – Iwan Edwards

I’m not sure if that chalk board is a hen, rooster or chicken – but when Vladimir Putin and the Russian forces see they are now versus the British TikTok mums they will be retreating as a matter of urgency.

3. Why is it giving Bikini Bottom?

@jessieduffy7Peace not war ✌🏻♬ Not gonna bother – Iwan Edwards

Never underestimate the power of a Facebook peace bus steamrolling over a tank.

4. They are a peaceful serve tbf

@paschaadelaide Deffo will make a difference debs #UARushChallenge #KindAndFree #ukraine🇺🇦 ♬ Not gonna bother – Iwan Edwards

When Vladimir Putin sees this ma’s nails he will know that this war is futile.

5. It’s not just the mums though, village pubs are also waging a war

@0kayhi♬ Not gonna bother – Iwan Edwards

When he sees the Farmer’s Arms in Congleton has pulled Russian Standard he will quake on the battlefield.

6. Nothing but respect for my frontline

@emilygimblett I know its sweet but i don’t think putin will care #ww3 #russia #ukraine #fyp #algorithm ♬ Not gonna bother – Iwan Edwards

The sheep really let Russia have it.

7. It was the last straw

@ollieball12Putins a pussy♬ Not gonna bother – Iwan Edwards

8. The mighty Luton FC

@roxannephillipino♬ Not gonna bother – Iwan Edwards

9. She literally didn’t even do this and it’s a fake but the concept is too funny not to share x

@nesacary♬ Not gonna bother – Iwan Edwards

10. She demolished Putin

@seandunlea1miriam mullins caused world peace♬ Not gonna bother – Iwan Edwards

11. Chicken Kyiv gave us world peace, thank you Sainsbury’s

@itstomyaboi thanks for slaying so hard sainsbury’s!! #takethatputin ♬ Not gonna bother – Iwan Edwards

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