‘I never want to talk to anyone again’: People are shook after watching Worst Roommate Ever

The new Netflix series is being called everyone’s next true crime fix

Netflix has just released a new true crime series called Worst Roommate Ever, and early reviews of the show are saying it’s going to be everyone’s latest true crime obsession.

You might think you’ve had a bad housemate in your life, but you’ve seen nothing until you’ve watched this show. We’re not talking messy roomies or living with someone who refuses to wash up, this is when a roommate turns out to be a murderer. The show tells four stories, and so far, people who have watched it have said they are hooked.

Here’s what you need to know about Worst Roommate Ever on Netflix, and what the early reviews of the true crime series have said.

What reviews of new Netflix true crime Worst Roommate Ever say about the series

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Worst Roommate Ever on Netflix tells the wild true stories of people whose housemates turned out to be murderers

The five-part documentary series focuses on different true stories, all of which are about when seemingly harmless roommates turned out to be killers. It looks at various horrific roommates, who find every excuse to cause chaos. The series features interviews with friends, family, detectives and experts to tell the almost unbelievable stories.

It focuses on the cases of Dorothea Puente, dubbed the Death House Landlady, who murdered at least nine former lodgers, international con artist Youssef Khater who was convicted of attempted murder and fraud, KC Joy who murdered his 36-year-old college student roommate, and serial squatter Jamison Bachman who was found to have murdered his own brother. Jamison Bachman’s case is so shocking, two episodes of the show focus on it.

What reviews of new Netflix true crime Worst Roommate Ever say about the series

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A lot of the reviews of Worst Roommate Ever say the same thing, and to be honest, same

In reviews, ReadySteadyCut.com said Worst Roommate Ever will “shock and stun you”. The review reads: “Despite the cheesy title, this series packs a punch with serial killer roommates from around the world. This five-part series will fascinate you as you learn about the true stories of people that have moved in with strangers, for them to have been the cohabits from hell.” The review concludes by saying “this series is a great watch and will definitely hit your crime series fix”.

Decider also reviewed the show, recommending people give it a watch and added: “Its straightforward storytelling and fast pace may skip over a few details, but that’s better than padding out the story for hours on end.”

In terms of what viewers on Twitter have said, they are pretty much all in agreement – the series is wild, but now nobody wants to have a housemate or live with anyone ever again. Feels.

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