The 15 wildest and most batshit moments from season two of Love Is Blind on Netflix

Never forget Shayne losing it because he couldn’t play baseball

Love Is Blind is one of the wildest shows Netflix has ever produced, and season two has lived up to that title, providing some of the craziest moments yet.

From the very start of the pod dates, to meeting the families, the bachelor and bachelorette parties and right through to weddings – people have seemed to lose their minds and it’s been chaos. Shake literally told Deepti he was going to get her pregnant within minutes of meeting her, Shaina took one look at Kyle on the retreat and packed her bags, Danielle and Nick got dressed up as a hot dog and corn for a bit and then there was when Shayne lost his shit playing baseball. And that’s really just the beginning.

Here are the straight-up wildest moments that happened in season two of Love Is Blind. There were a lot!

1. Trisha not understanding the concept of the show, at all

The best and wildest moments from season two of Love Is Blind on Netflix

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Trisha first introduced herself by saying she has loads of friends and Instagram followers. She then said she “didn’t see other girls as competition” – basically because she thinks she’s prettier. Has she seen Love Is Blind before? Does she actually know what she’s signed up for? A producer correctly then told her, on this show the guy won’t actually see her. And we never saw Trisha again.

2. When Shayne got Natalie’s name wrong TWICE

My toes have never curled up more than when Shayne called Natalie Shaina not once, but TWICE. He said it with such belief that he thought he was in the pod with Shaina, and Natalie was shook, simply saying: “It’s Natalie.”

3. ‘I’m gonna get you pregnant’

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Can we just take a minute to appreciate that SHAKE AND DEEPTI HAD ONLY JUST MET. First he went straight in for a bum grab, then told her he was going to get her pregnant. I can’t with this man. Next thing he’s changed his tune to say he sees her as an aunt??? From this very moment we should have known he was going to be a wrong’un.

4. ‘What are you wearing’

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I hate that when I read the sentence “what are you wearing” I HEAR it in Shayne’s voice. “What are you wearing back there? A crop top?” VOMIT.

5. When Iyanna delivered this line with her whole chest like the icon she is

The best and wildest moments from season two of Love Is Blind on Netflix

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When Iyanna met Jarrette she noted that his head was big, so she was “a little nervous” for her cervix. Adore her. End of.

6. Shaina just straight up sacking off the retreat

I cannot get over the pure chaos of Shaina saying yes to Kyle, jetting off to Mexico, walking into that gorgeous hotel room he’d covered in rose petals, making Kyle break his eight year vegetarianism and then just being like nah, I’m going home. What the hell????

7. Danielle’s brother asking how sexually active her and Nick are

Not this, please not this. Where did this comment even come from?!

8. Shaina called Natalie and said she could hook her up with her mate?!

Returning “back to reality” the cast members all met up again, and it was revealed that Shaina had completely laughed in the face of Shayne and Natalie’s relationship, and had called Natalie to say that if it didn’t work out for the two of them, she had a mate who Natalie could get with. Weird???

The best and wildest moments from season two of Love Is Blind on Netflix

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In a later interview, Natalie shared that on the call Shaina told her: “If Shayne and you don’t work out, I have a friend who’s interested. He’s a millionaire and I showed him your Instagram profile, so if you’re interested, he’s available.”

9. Shayne saying he wanted pizza and mac ‘n’ cheese at his wedding

If we needed any more proof that Shayne is a huge man child it was when he sat Natalie down and requested pizza, hot dogs, mac ‘n’ cheese, a fountain of Old Fashioneds and to wear a cape at their wedding. Wow.

10. Danielle and Nick in these costumes

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This picture. No context. That is all.

11. Natalie’s mum slapping her ring away

When Natalie first told her mum of the experiment, she wasn’t having any of it. Natalie offered her hand to show her mum the ring Shayne had given her, and her mum literally slapped it away. The way I gasped.

The best and wildest moments from season two of Love Is Blind on Netflix

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12. Sal’s song to Mallory will forever be a bop

The way this song has been stuck in my head ever since I heard it. I honestly think Salvador should release the song he wrote for Mallory as a single because I would download that so hard.

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13. Shayne losing it over baseball

The best and wildest moments from season two of Love Is Blind on Netflix

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I fear this is the moment of the whole season. The most passion we’ve seen from Shayne was at the bachelor party where the guys all went to play baseball. He couldn’t hit the ball and he absolutely lost it. Have you ever seen a man that angry? An ego so bruised? Try and tell me he isn’t the sort of man who has punched holes in his bedroom wall.

14. Deepti choosing herself and Shake’s ridiculous response to it all

Deepti eclipsed all moments from season two of Love Is Blind, and became THE moment. She chose herself, declaring she deserved someone who knew for sure about her, and turned down Shake. It was iconic and a moment nobody will be forgetting in a rush.

And then there was Shake’s response to it. He tried to play it off as a “celebration” saying he could handle the rejection and he was having second thoughts anyway – it was all very kid who just got turned down by his crush in the playground. Then he was all like, “it’s fine I’m going to Nobu on Sunday”???? What????? Are you not embarrazzed?

15. The officiant at Mallory and Sal’s wedding shedding actual tears

My whole heart was ripped out when Sal said “I do not” because he needed more time. He was in tears, Mallory was in tears, all the friends and family were in tears, and then it panned back to the officiant… who looked as though he was also crying.

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Same hun, same.

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