Here’s just a bunch more Love Is Blind season two memes, all about Shake and Deepti

Never have I felt such extreme feelings towards two people

No couple has ever had us feeling some kinda ways like Deepti and Shake have on season two of Love Is Blind. Their wedding was full of drama, with Deepti choosing herself and saying no to Shake, after he constantly questioned their relationship and his feelings towards her. He then went off saying it was “a celebration” and pretending he was ok because he might have said no anyway, and still had his reservation at Nobu on Sunday. It was very, very weird.

But now, we are a world of Deepti stans and Shake… well, I think you can tell how we all feel towards him. So, here are all the very best memes about the two polar opposites to have come from the season two of Love Is Blind: Our reaction to Shake, and our reaction to Deepti. Enjoy.

1. From this moment, we should have KNOWN

The best memes and reactions to Shake and Deepti in season two of Love Is Blind on Netflix

2. I’ve heard ENOUGH


4. Things you love to see

5. Not you with your LIES


7. She is THE moment

8. Accurate


9. Love it from them x

10. Hmmm, are we though?

11. Yikes !!

12. I honestly feel like a proud parent right now

13. Iconic from her

14. I still can’t get over his reaction?!

15. YES

16. Loooool

17. GET. IT.

18. I could watch it on repeat all day x

19. Embarrassing x

20. It’s the truth

21. Again! Again!

The best memes and reactions to Shake and Deepti in season two of Love Is Blind on Netflix

22. Loooool we see right through it

23. You and me both x

24. Yikes again

25. Obsessed!!

26. THIS is something I could get behind

Season two of Love Is Blind is available on Netflix now. The reunion episode is released on Netflix on Friday, March 4th. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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