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This is where you recognise the cast of This Is Going To Hurt from

Ben Whishaw has such a memorable face

This Is Going To Hurt (based on the book by Adam Kay) is already proving to be one of BBC’s best-loved series of the year. So many of us invested time in Shruti’s storyline, rooted for Adam’s relationship and hated Veronique as a collective.

It’s a truly tough watch which initially lures you into a false sense of security with laughs. But the series is brutally political and totally unafraid to hammer its point home to viewers.

The cast list is absolutely amazing, with loads of unsung TV icons in the lineup. From stars of film and soap to a RuPaul’s Drag Race winner – this is where you recognise the This Is Going To Hurt cast from:

Ben Whishaw – Adam Kay

ben whishaw this is going to hurt

Photo via BBC

Ben Whishaw plays Adam; the sarcastic, know-it-all registrar on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Of course, Adam Kay is a real-life doctor-turned-writer, but how much do you know about the guy who plays him?

You might recognise him as Rabbi Milligan in the latest series of Fargo, or the grown-up Michael Banks in Mary Poppins Returns. He’s also played Q in all the modern James Bond films and is the voice of Paddington.

Alex Jennings – Nigel Lockhart

nigel lockhart

Photo via BBC

Nigel is a stuck-up old clinician with a PhD in being posh. Alex Jennings is definitely no stranger to playing men from the upper class. You’ll probably remember him from The Crown, as he played Edward VIII – the former King of England and the current Queen’s uncle.

Michele Austin – Tracy

this is going to hurt tracy

Photo via BBC

Tracy is the kind of person you’d want delivering your babies. Which makes a lot of sense, actually, because Michele Austin has played nurses in loads of different shows. You might recognise her from Outnumbered (British TV at its best), EastEnders and Meet The Richardsons.

Rory Fleck Byrne – Harry

rory fleck byrne

Photo via BBC

Rory plays Harry – Adam’s FIT fiancé. He’s also been in Vampire Academy, Ghosts and Grantchester.

Ashley McGuire – Vicky Houghton

ashley mcguire

Photo via BBC

I have no doubt in my mind that anyone with good taste *instantly* recognised Ashley McGuire as Big Mandy from This Country. I was half-expecting her to tattoo Phil Mitchell (or that guy from MasterChef if you put glasses on him) on one of the patients. You may also recognise her from It’s A Sin, Bridget Jones’ Baby and EastEnders.

Kadiff Kirwan – Julian


Photo via BBC

Julian is the infuriating teacher’s pet – but Kadiff Kirwan is much more impressive. He’s previously been in Fleabag, Black Mirror and This Way Up. In 2020, he co-starred with Jenna Coleman in a particularly gruesome episode of Inside No. 9.

Harriet Walter – Veronique

veronique this is going to hurt

Photo via BBC

Harriet Walker undoubtedly has one of those faces you constantly recognise, with no idea where from. So – you’re welcome. As well as joining the This Is Going To Hurt cast as Veronique, she recently played the Prime Minister (not Boris Johnson) in Doctor Who and Dasha in Killing Eve. She was also in Flowers – the weird thing with Olivia Coleman on Channel 4 which was quite good but no-one ever spoke of again.

Alice Orr-Ewing – Emma

alice orr ewing

Photo via BBC

“Adam, what did we say about putting our feet on the coffee table” – sigh. You might recognise Alice Orr-Ewing from A Very English Scandal alongside Hugh Grant, as well as Pramface and The Theory Of Everything.

Sophie Winkleman – Private hospital patient

sophie winkleman

Photo via BBC

You might’ve spotted another TV icon making a brief appearance in the This Is Going To Hurt cast. Sophie Winkleman plays a patient who almost died from blood loss during birth – but what else has she been in?

Comedy aficionados will know her better as Big Suze from Peep Show, which she starred in for several years. As well as being *literally in line to the throne* after marrying Lord Frederick Windsor, she’s also been in Two And A Half Men and Robin Hood. Oh, and obvs she’s Claudia Winkleman’s younger sister.

The Vivienne – Bouncer

the vivienne

Photo via BBC

Yes!! It WAS The Vivienne!! The RuPaul’s Drag Race UK series one winner played a cameo role as a bouncer at a gay bar who gave Adam some harrowing words of advice.

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