All the salty things fired candidates from The Apprentice 2022 have said about the show

One candidate said the show is so ‘hostile’ it’s like being in Squid Game

The candidates on The Apprentice 2022 have put everything on the line to become Lord Sugar’s next business partner, and the show sees them desperately try to not get fired. But, ultimately, the tasks set them up to look foolish, they crash and burn and then they turn on the show and come up with loads of reasons as to why they didn’t end up winning.

From calling out Lord Sugar to slating their fellow contestants, the candidates on The Apprentice 2022 have had a lot to say after they’ve been fired. Here’s a rundown of the saltiest comments there have been so far.

What fired candidates from The Apprentice 2022 said about time on the BBC show

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Amy accused Lord Sugar of ageism and anti-Americanism and said her firing was ‘bullshit’

Amy had a *lot* to say when she left the show. Speaking of her firing, which Lord Sugar said was down to her not taking a leadership role, she said:“I just felt that it was a very unfair, unjustified firing, I haven’t seen anyone been fired for that reason before.” She then added that she is low-key glad to see the back of the show, saying the prize fund of £250k investment to split your business with Lord Sugar “isn’t an amazing deal”.

She had a lot to say on Twitter too, adding “Ageism and anti-Americanism are a fine thing,” in a tweet about leaving the show and called her firing “unfair”. Speaking to the Express, Amy added: “He [Lord Sugar] kind of twisted it to make it seem like I was hiding in that role when I wasn’t, and he actually was the one that continually said, ‘Make sure the task is synergistic with your skillset and background before you be PM [Project Manager] don’t be PM for the sake of it.’

“After I was fired, I was just going over and over and over thinking ‘I don’t understand that reasoning, it just does not make sense’. So, you know, like I said, I’ve never seen someone be fired for that reason before, and I thought I just had more time, I didn’t think there was like a cut-off. Especially as I was continually contributing, and, you know, making significant contributions so I think it’s a kind of BS reason.”

Conor said the show is a bit like Squid Game and is a ‘hostile environment’

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Sales executive Conor was the second person to be fired on the show this year. Straight after his elimination he was publicly speaking about his time on the show and made a sly dig at other candidates getting aggressive and taking it too seriously. Speaking to the Express about the show, Conor said: “It’s a very hostile environment and it’s a simulation, it’s a game and you can’t take the outcome too seriously. I am just glad I didn’t stoop to the level of getting too personal with anyone or overly aggressive with people.”

Speaking to the Independent, he called the show “brutal” and added: “It’s a weird comparison, but I watched Squid Game recently and there’s so much of that show that resembles The Apprentice. You’re in these tasks and you don’t know what the hell they’re going to throw at you. It’s survival of the fittest and then, when you’re not on a task, it’s this weird social experiment where you’re trying to make allies, but ultimately, those allies are going to screw you at some stage. To caveat that, obviously there are no fatalities.” Thanks for clarifying.

Francesca called Lord Sugar a hypocrite for firing her

What fired candidates from The Apprentice 2022 said about time on the BBC show

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After the teams were given the task to create video games, it was Francesca who found herself being fired by Lord Sugar. She later snapped back at the decision, saying the wrong person was fired. She was found to be at blame for her team losing the task after epically failing to spot she had spelt arctic as “artic” in all their team branding. But, she pointed out Lord Sugar himself has admitted he is an awful speller.

Francesca said: “He fired me because of a spelling error but he himself, in his autobiography, refers to his own spelling as atrocious, so I think we probably have more in common than he realises. I wish more of my performance in the other tasks were taken into account when the decision was made. After all, it is a process and everything that has happened prior should be taken into consideration, in my opinion.”

Sophie slammed her fellow The Apprentice 2022 candidates, calling them fame hungry

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Sophie was fired after the seventh task, which she was team leader for. In an interview after her firing aired, Sophie said her fellow candidates are only on the show to get famous. “For me, I feel I went into the process for the correct reasons,” she told the Express. “Like, I genuinely was reserved and thought about everything I spoke about before I opened my mouth. I did want to be viewed as a professional, I’ve had a career for 11 years and wanted to hopefully get Lord Sugar’s help.”

“For me, I was going on it wanting the investment,” the boutique cocktail bar owner added. “I’ve invested hundreds of thousands into my bar currently, I’ve put blood, sweat and tears into it. It’s doing really well and I then wanted to go in and be mentored by Lord Sugar, to expand quickly and to learn as well. I learned everything myself and I want to learn more when I can.

“With me, I feel I went in with the correct intentions but I don’t know whether if everyone was like myself it would be a less entertaining show. I think you do need a mix of individuals and some of those individuals aren’t actually in it for the correct reasons, they are in it for fame or they’re in for entertainment. And that’s why you get laughs and it is an entertainment show.”

Sophie then stuck the knife in further, saying the losers’ cafe doesn’t even have milk alternatives

What fired candidates from The Apprentice 2022 said about time on the BBC show

via BBC

It’s 2022, but the losers’ cafe on The Apprentice doesn’t even have milk alternatives. This pissed off Sophie, who slated it saying: “I couldn’t get an oat latte there. They didn’t have coconut milk. There was no special milk.” The pure controversy.

Naturally, this article will be updated as more and more fired candidates from The Apprentice 2022 come through as salty af. 

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