Karren says you’d better run from these 18 memes about last night’s Apprentice

Nick is now the people’s princess end of x

Last night’s episode of The Apprentice may have been one of the most chaotic yet. Harpreet made Akeem cook enough rice to feed an army, Nick and Akshay were as iconic as ever, and Karren delivered us the best line in Apprentice history. In the boardroom Lord Sugar was absolutely FUMING at the losing team and kept all four of them back for the ultimate grilling, before calling them all “grand pricks”. It was, all in all, absolutely wild.

Now take a look at all the best memes from last night’s episode of The Apprentice:

1. Gone but not forgotten xx

2. Okay but how is he still here?

3. Same but with pesto pasta

4. He’s the cafe’s most regular customer

5. Our chaotic kings x

6. Will never be over Karren calling her Gordon Ramsay

7. Hey Siri play That Should Be Me

8. Just a light meal then

9. Couldn’t agree more

10. I’ll be back!!!

11. Their ‘simulator’ couldn’t have been any less VR if it tried

12. Okay guys!

13. I have tried three times

14. Protect him

15. Yes x

16. I miss him

17. Me listening to what my housemates are saying in the kitchen

18. Line of the SERIES

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