Ten year transformations: What the UK YouTubers you watched growing up look like now

The £1 challenge backlash really aged Alfie, didn’t it?

The British YouTube scene peaked in 2012 and absolutely no one can convince me otherwise. PointlessBlog and Zoella were thriving and so were Jim and Tanya who had already been dating for five years at that point. Since this time, though, our favourite creators have been THROUGH IT. Seriously, there’s been two big break ups, one divorce, Oli White’s brother went MIA for a bit, Alfie Deyes was cancelled for his £1 challenge video and three of them became parents for the first time. It’s been a wild decade. Here are their transformations over the last ten years, starting with our Primark haul queen, Zoella.

Zoe Sugg, formerly known as Zoella

Zoella, now turned Zoe Sugg, created her channel back in 2009. Since then it’s just gone from strength to strength. Obviously the biggest difference between her then and now is the fact she’s given birth to a baby! This is something 12-year-old me would be stunned by because I purely used to watch her for the Primark videos and now I’m a motherhood expert thanks to her content.

Alfie Deyes, formerly known as PointlessBlog

Similar to Zoella, Alfie uploaded his first YouTube video in 2009 and since then the rest is history. Alfie and Zoe went official and public in 2013 and then in August last year they welcomed Ottilie, their first baby. Besides being a dad, Alfie has probably had one of the biggest glow ups over the years. He was temporarily cancelled a few years back for that £1 video and honestly, I think him being a dad was what fully revived his career.

Caspar Lee

Caspar started uploading onto YouTube in 2011. He’s a classic vlogger, prankster and pretty took on any challenge in his prime. He also hasn’t uploaded to his channel in two years but seems to be living a sensational life with his model and Exeter Uni graduate girlfriend Ambar Driscoll. His transformation is mad, and it’s mainly noticeable in his personality because he has grown up sooooo much.

Joe Sugg, formerly known as ThatcherJoe

I think it’s WILD Joe Sugg is 30-years-old and therefore older than Alfie Deyes – it doesn’t sit right with me. Anyway, Joe Sugg began his YouTube career in 2012 and he gives off big dad vibes now even though he’s not had a child. In my mind he’s still in 2014 and living with Caspar but in reality he’s been dating Strictly Come Dancing pro Diane Buswell in 2018 – J’adore them.

Marcus Butler

Marcus’ last upload was In Bed With Jack Whitehall which he posted three years ago before ditching his channel. He now posts very boujee looking pictures taken abroad alongside his model girlfriend of six years, Stefanie Giesinger. In 2013 Marcus Butler dropped this filthy track on us and I don’t think the internet has ever been the same since.

Tanya Burr

Tanya uploaded her first YouTube video in 2009 but hasn’t uploaded a video in the last two years. In the space of ten years she does look very different which makes sense considering all of the life experience she’s had. I would still very much like to know what happened to Martha.

Jim Chapman

34-year-old Jim Chapman married Tanya Burr in 2015 until their very public divorce in 2019. Since then he’s got engaged to model Sarah Tarleton and they’ve welcomed their first baby. Not going to lie, Jim looks exactly the same and maybe that’s because he’s always been a 34-year-old man at heart?

Louise Pentland, formerly known as SprinkleofGlitter

Eleven years ago Louise uploaded the video titled “I’m pregnant with Baby Glitter” (who we now know as Darcy) since then she’s divorced, remarried and had her second child. In 2016 she ditched “Sprinkle of Glitter” and said her name was more mature for her channel. She looks very different from the good old days when she and Zoe would do Primark hauls and makeovers.

Oli White

He joined YouTube in 2012 and uploaded his first ever video titled “Fresh start”. He posted a lot of videos with his younger brother James who went MIA briefly but made his comeback this year saying he just got involved with the wrong crowd. Oli started dating his girlfriend, Evie Marcer, back in 2017 and often still hangs around with Joe Sugg.

Gabriella Lindley, formerly known as velvetgh0st

Even though Gabriella joined YouTube in 2013, she made a big impact on the fan base and for that reason alone she deserves a mention. Her videos with Zoella were iconic and will go down in history. I will not know peace until we find out what actually happened between her and Zoella.

Niomi Smart

Niomi started her channel after graduating from university with a law degree. Gone are the days when Niomi and Marcus were a YouTube power couple. The pair split back in 2015 and since then she kind of went off grid from the YouTuber scene but she still uploaded content!

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