Very good very nice Tenerife man

‘Very good very nice’: Everything you need to know about Tenerife’s most cherished vendor

I will not know peace until this man calls me a ‘sexy banana’

If you use TikTok then it’s likely you’d have heard or seen the “very good very nice” man from Tenerife. The meme first went viral last year and since then pretty much everyone who visits the Spanish island of Tenerife films him singing “very good very nice”. But still after all of this fame, no one really seems to know much about the man who is literally carrying Tenerife’s economy on his back. Here is everything you need to know about him, including where to find him and what his voice actually sounds like in real life.

He walks around Tenerife selling things

@r16crw #verygoodverynice ♬ original sound – Richard Crawford

So his name is unknown but he can often be found at Fañabé Beach and around the main resort of Playa de las Americas. He’s got a good, hefty collection of bags but his bizarre glasses with eyes on them seem to be a fan favourite. He sells many things and his most popular customers are mainly British tourists.

Apparently he now charges people to film him

According to people on TikTok who have filmed him, he now charges $10 for a video of him saying “very good very nice” which makes a lot of sense considering he’s an internet sensation.

His voice is actually really deep

It doesn’t take a genius to work out he’s making his voice go higher when he sings but hearing his real voice comes as a bit of a shock to the system. In an interview with BBC Radio One, he says he has “to many people” wanting to have videos with him every single day. This man is TikTok royalty.

The very good very nice man has his own TikTok account

No one really knows who first went viral filming this man but since then he’s created his own TikTok account called @verygoodveryniceofficial. He’s got over 843,000 TikTok followers and over 4.6 million likes. He even has his own YouTube channel but hasn’t got a huge following on there yet. In his TikTok bio he has a business email too – that’s when you know you’ve made it big time.

Tourists even get tattoos saying ‘very good very nice’

@verygoodveryniceofficial ♬ son original – verygoodveryNice

The influence this man has is wild. Recently he posted this TikTok showing off tattoos three men got on their legs saying “Tenerife very good very nice” followed by the year and a palm tree. Tattoo Fixers next, surely?

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