Big Jet TV Twitter memes

Forget about Francis Bourgeois, all you need is Jerry and these 26 Big Jet TV memes

‘RIP Princess Di, you would have loved Big Jet TV’

Storm Eunice is savaging this silly little island, and whilst we’re all sat indoors seeking refuge from her windy blows – Big Jet TV is busy taking over Twitter and the memes are incredible. In case you missed the start of the hype, Big Jet TV is a live stream straight from London Heathrow airport’s landing strip and the show is documenting big planes trying to land during the storm. It’s carnage but it’s got everyone talking on Twitter. Here are all of the best Twitter memes and reactions to Big Jet TV, Jerry and of course those stunning Qatar A380 landings:

1. No thoughts, just vibes

2. Gorgeous gorgeous pilots

3. Big transport vehicles really get this silly island going

4. Phenomenal

5. They ruin EVERYTHING

6. The whole of the UK right now

7. ‘God’

8. This is all I want rn

9. Loool

10. ‘I am living’

11. They’re famous now

12. ‘It’s all the drama, Mick’

13. I haven’t done a single thing all day, help

14. Such high tension, I am gripped

15. Facts

16. I’ve forgotten we were in a pandemic ngl

17. Oh now we’re talking


19. The most important update of all

20. No shame in admitting this

21. What IF

22. What a crossover

23. ‘What have we done to the world?’

24. Hopefully never

25. As if we’re not already a broken nation

26. ‘I am not making this up’

Here’s how you can watch Big Jet TV right now.

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