Just 31 more wild memes about season two of Love Is Blind on Netflix

Someone take that damn ukulele away from Sal

We’ve been blessed with even more episodes of season two of Love Is Blind, so naturally there is a huge need for more memes, too. The new episodes have seen the couples move in together, meet each other’s families, plan the weddings and have their bachelor and bachelorette parties. The drama was intense, and the chaos was truly unfolding.

The first bunch of memes were top tier, but since then our opinions have completely changed to have Natalie and Shayne as our favourite couple, we have found a new icon in Shake’s mum and can’t quite believe Sal isn’t seeing the ick in Mallory’s eyes every time he starts singing her a song.

Here are even more of the best memes and reactions to season two of Love Is Blind so far. Enjoy!

1. Kyle, stop talking!!

2. Honestly I need some answers

Even more memes about season two of Love Is Blind on Netflix

3. Chaos!!!

3. Low key have really come to love him x

4. Sal pls the ick is happening

5. LOVE this from her

6. I had to do a double take here

7. He really tried x

8. Truth

9. The expectation is high!!!

Even more memes about season two of Love Is Blind on Netflix

10. WHAT was happening here?!

11. Kyle come on now hun

12. Awkward, but true

13. She really out here trying

14. How did my opinion change this quickly please???

15. There’s no coming back from here

16. Yikes

17. He doesn’t really stand a chance does he

18. The realisation in his eyes


20. Adore him end of

21. I will never be over this ok?

22. He was fighting a losing battle here

23. This would be CARNAGE

24. A modern day icon

25. I’m not even sure she knows what her intentions are here

26. The true stars of the show!!

27. Looooool accurate

28. Pretty much

29. Did I dream this scene?

30. 100 per cent

31. Loooool enough

Season two of Love Is Blind is available on Netflix now, with the last episode being released on Friday. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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