These 33 memes about season two of Love Is Blind are so good I’d propose to them

Shaina is the Jessica of this season, end of


Love Is Blind is one of the wildest shows Netflix has ever created, but what makes it even better is all the memes and reactions we share about the funniest and best moments – and so far, season two has been on fire. We’ve been introduced to 30 new singles, seen them on their pod dates, getting engaged and off on a luxury retreat in Mexico to celebrate.

We’ve all collectively agreed that Shayne is not worthy of our girl Natalie, Shaina is 100 per cent the Jessica of this season, and no couple will ever even start to come close to the King and Queen of our hearts, Lauren and Cameron. Here are the best memes about season two of Love Is Blind so far. Expect more from the next bunch of episodes and enjoy!

1. First things first, some respect is needed


3. I genuinely feel a bit ill

4. I could never

5. At least she has loads of friends and Instagram followers, right?!!!


7. It’s happening again!!!

The best memes and reactions so far to season two of Love Is Blind on Netflix

8. Yikes

9. I’m still quite shocked he actually said that?!

10. This was truly a moment

11. Shayne please!!!!

12. I mean, yes

13. Breathe if you agree x


The best memes and reactions so far to season two of Love Is Blind on Netflix

15. You ain’t fooling anyone!!!

16. My toes are… curling

17. Shayne is a CHILD

18. There’s no denying this fact

19. The line of the season so far, right here

20. Seriously though

21. I’m obsessed ok

22. Kyle, hun, please


24. Honestly, how can be this way about women?

25. VOM

26. Loooool I’m out

27. No girl, NO!

28. You honestly can’t make this up

29. He deserves more!!!!!

30. Pretty much

31. Make it stop !!!

32. Where is the justice?!

33. We must protect her!!

Here’s to the next episodes!

Season two of Love Is Blind is available on Netflix now, with the next episodes being released on Fridays. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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