Over six months on, this is what the cast of Love Island 2021 are up to now

Um, Matthew from Casa Amor is in the semi finals of Dancing With The Stars?!


Can you believe it’s been a full six months since we were watching the latest Islanders in the villa? So now they’ve been back in the real world for a long time, it’s a good time to check in to see what all the Love Island 2021 cast are up to.

There have been brand deals left, right and centre, lots of new houses and one breakup – it’s safe to say they’ve been keeping busy. Here’s everything they’ve been up to.

Millie and Liam

What the cast of Love Island 2021 are all up to now

via Instagram @milliegracecourt

Winners Liam and Millie are still together, and are now living in a £1million Essex home together. Their home is a three storey apartment set in a historic Elizabethan Grade 1 listed mansion. The property has four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a sauna. As part of the mansion Liam and Millie will have access to two tennis courts. They recently posted all about their luxury holiday to the Maldives and Dubai together, which looked absolutely gorgeous. They truly are living.

via Instagram @milliegracecourt

Millie has been absolutely smashing it work wise since leaving the villa. She’s signed a huge brand deal with ASOS, which is believed to be the biggest signed by an Islander in history. She has her own range and is the global face of the brand. She’s also got her own set of lashes with eyelash brand Eylure, in what is reported to be a six-figure deal.

via Instagram @liamreardon1

Liam has revealed a slightly different career path, alongside influencing he is hoping to work in property. He was a bricklayer before the show, and wants to use his skills renovating homes in Wales. He said he wants to focus on the new job in 2022, adding: “I’ll start off in Wales because the house prices are a lot cheaper there. Plus that’s the area where I have all my mates in the same industry. There’s an electrician, plumber, carpenter. They can all help and get involved in the business. My dad is in the property business too so can give me advice and help out. He’s my inspiration for wanting to do it.”

Chloe and Toby

What the cast of Love Island 2021 are all up to now

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Chloe and Toby also moved into a house together after leaving the villa, and are still going strong. Their place is down the road from Millie and Liam’s and is a £1million mansion where the actual Henry VIII used to live. Yes, really!! Chloe and Toby have the perfect view of a nearby lake and they have access to a tennis court.

Chloe has been making bank since leaving the villa. Alongside sponsored posts on Instagram, the 26-year-old has been named as the first ever face of JD Women. She will model lots of new ranges and pieces, as well as taking over the brand’s TikTok and presenting brand new YouTube series’ and podcast episodes.

via Instagram @tobyaromolaran

Toby has had some big brand deals since leaving the villa, most notably being named as the latest brand ambassador for BoohooMAN. He’s launched his own edit for the brand, and has done a shoot modelling all the pieces. He’s also still playing football for Hashtag United.

Faye and Teddy

via Instagram @faye__winter

Faye and Teddy are still together, living in the outskirts of London in a pad they are doing up together. Faye has launched a new company, Faye Home, where she is dishing out advice, launching a homeware brand and expanding her own property empire.

Despite initially turning down loads of deals to launch the property empire, Faye did sign a six figure deal with hair brand Razzl Dazzl. Faye has also been in the crowd cheering on Liberty whilst she’s appearing on Dancing On Ice. Teddy is now working as a brand ambassador for Jack Wills and took part in the latest series of The Real Fully Monty.

Kaz and Tyler

What the cast of Love Island 2021 are all up to now

via Instagram @kazkamwi

In December, it was announced Kaz and Tyler had split. They were the first official couple from the Love Island 2021 cast to have gone their separate ways, saying they are now friends. A source said at the time: “Kaz and Tyler have decided to go their separate ways after giving everything to make their relationship work. They haven’t got on as well outside of the villa as they first hoped and the pressure of their fans watching their every move hasn’t made it easy for them either. The romance ended on good terms and they’re still friends, who will support each other in the industry.”

via Instagram @kazkamwi

After leaving the villa, Kaz signed what was reportedly a five-figure deal with Boux Avenue. She was the face of the brand’s party range and started by modelling a number of pieces for the festive season. She’s been doing loads of other branded posts, and Kaz also wrote an article for Grazia about representation on Love Island and has been on a chat show on Amazon Prime. And she was on celebrity Weakest Link! Kaz is clearly still besties with Liberty too, as she has joined Faye in the crowd cheering her on during Dancing On Ice.

via Instagram @tylercruickshank_

Tyler has been keeping busy too – posting loads of branded content on Instagram, including with brands such as BoohooMAN and FashionNova. He’s also posted pictures of him hanging out with some of the Love Island 2021 guys and visiting Millie and Liam at their new house.

Liberty Poole

What the cast of Love Island 2021 are all up to now

via Instagram @libertypoolex

Liberty is the richest of all the 2021 contestants, and is a millionaire already. She left the show just before the final, when she split from Jake and they quit the villa together. But it hasn’t stopped her signing four huge brand deals and rolling in cash, plus Liberty just appeared on the latest series of Dancing On Ice.

She made her first million pretty quickly after leaving the villa, bagging herself £1million in a deal with In The Style. She’s the fashion brand’s newest brand ambassador, and it’s been reported the money she will earn could double to £2million with commissions and royalties on top. Lib’s most recent deal is to be the face of makeup brand, Lola’s Lashes. The deal wraps up back to back signings for her, which have been six figures with Skinny Tan, five figures with Boux Avenue and the £1million fashion deal with In The Style.

Jake Cornish

via Instagram @jakecornish7

Jake quit the show just before the final, after splitting from Liberty. He hasn’t taken the typical route of moving to London or Manchester since the show, and has instead chosen to stay in the south west. He now runs fitness classes and has a business called Energee SW. It offers aerobics and dance fitness classes.

Jake has also been doing branded work on Instagram, with brands such as FashionNova and Think Wine Group. He is also starting a podcast.

Mary Bedford

What the cast of Love Island 2021 are all up to now

via Instagram @mary_bedford

Mary has also bagged herself brand deals since leaving the Love Island 2021 villa. She’s landed two contracts with hair brands as an ambassador. She has been working with Lullabellz and Cloud Nine Hair. She often gets pictured on nights out with fellow Islanders as well as her influencer bestie, Arianna Ajtar. Mary has recently been part of a Valentine’s Day campaign with Boux Avenue and has started her own YouTube channel.

Aaron Simpson

via Instagram @aaronsimpsonn

After leaving the villa with Mary, it was quickly announced she and Aaron had decided not to pursue a relationship. Aaron is now doing a lot of Instagram influencing, has been back playing football and has started some TV hosting work. He’s been presenting horse racing dates with RTV.

Lucinda Strafford

What the cast of Love Island 2021 are all up to now

via Instagram @lucindastrafford

From the moment we set eyes on Lucinda, we knew she was clothing brand deals all over, so to have her as the first 2021 Islander with one should have been a surprise to no one. A month after leaving the villa, Lucinda was announced as a brand ambassador for the show’s sponsor, I Saw It First.

She also got back with her ex, footballer Aaron Connolly, shortly after being in the villa – which is who she was seeing before she went on the show too. She’s been doing loads of brand deals, and must be doing alright for herself now, because she’s just posted all about buying a £49k Range Rover.

Sharron Gaffka

via Instagram @sharongaffka

Sharron has been using her platform to discuss important issues since being on the show. Shortly after leaving she spoke about inclusion on the show, saying she felt “like the diversity card” in the villa. She told The Tab about being a bisexual women on the show and how she felt about important conversations being cut out.

Right now, Sharon is an ambassador for Young Women’s Trust and is campaigning for change with how victims of drink spiking are treated. She told the Tab of when she had been spiked herself but two male paramedics passed it off as her being “too drunk”. Having worked for the civil service for seven years, Sharon is keen to use her experience to build on the efforts of the Girls’ Night In boycotts that took place back in October. Her aim is to “speak to parliamentarians and legislators about what we can do for victims, to try and curb victim shaming and to stop [spiking] from happening in the future.”

She’s also been on Celebrity Dinner Date, too.

Hugo Hammond

What the cast of Love Island 2021 are all up to now

via Instagram @hugo_hammond

When Hugo first left the 2021 villa, he became a cult name for cringe TikTok videos. You’ll be pleased to know he’s still making content and doing great branded work – including an advert for dog food. He’s also now an ambassador for Sporting Minds UK.

In December, Hugo had a bit of a mare when he was kicked out of a kebab shop following a post night out altercation. After a night at Infernos in Clapham, he headed to the kebab shop where he intervened in a row. In a video of the altercation, a polystyrene container of chips is thrown into the air and Hugo shouts “Bro, relax brother. Relax” towards a group of fellow customers. One girl calls another customer a “dickhead” and tells people to “get this bitch out of here” whilst Hugo tries to calm down the situation.

Aaron Francis

Since leaving the villa, Aaron has gone into full-blown influencer mode. Aaron now has a YouTube channel, which initially shared skincare routines and advice, but now he posts a whole range of things including day in the life vlogs and advice on how to be a content creator.

It looks like his career is heading into lifestyle content creation, with him posting videos recently about making simple student meals, sharing his morning routine and what he eats in a day.

Shannon Singh

What the cast of Love Island 2021 are all up to now

via Instagram @shannonsinghhh

Shannon was the first Islander to be dumped in 2021, after just 48-hours in the villa. She quickly shunned the show, saying she felt “kind of bullied” and “humiliated” by the Love Island reunion. “I just feel like the show has completely mugged me off, if I’m completely honest,” she said. “They mic’ed me up, briefed me on questions and then completely disregarded me, which was fine. I just thought, after how they dumped me, I thought I’d get some better treatment but yeah. I’ve been crying and stuff all day, as I just feel like I’ve been completely humiliated in front of everyone.”

But all is not lost, since the show Shannon has got back with her ex, boosted her OnlyFans and Twitch accounts and has been doing spon-con with brands such as Boux Avenue, OhPolly and Shein. Her and her boyfriend, DJ Ben Sterling, recently holidayed to Colombia and Costa Rica.

Brad McClelland

Brad has gone fairly quiet since the Love Island villa, but it looks now as though he is deep in the world of modelling and fitness. He’s been working with huge brands including BoohooMAN, Puma and Jack Wills as well as dishing out fitness advice with magazines. His Instagram is packed with gym pictures, photoshoots and adverts.

Georgia Townend

via Instagram @georgiatownend_

She wasn’t in the Love Island 2021 cast for very long, but now Georgia Townend is a Twitter national treasure. She often shares her savage, but true, opinions on current affairs and it’s made us all realise – she was done dirty on the show and is one of the best personalities to come out of it. She’s just as extra as she’s always been on Instagram, with possibly the brightest and pinkest feed you will ever see.

Rachel Finni

via Instagram @rachel.finni

Rachel really was a blink and you’ll miss it addition to the Love Island 2021 villa, but now she is using her brief time in the cast to do a few branded posts on Instagram. Rachel now charges £30 for a Cameo video, and has a YouTube channel – which she is yet to upload any content to. She also runs a food blog.

Rachel recently revealed she had returned to a “normal” job in hospitality. “A lot of people don’t know this, but I’ve actually gone back to working in hospitality which I’m really enjoying so far,” she said on Instagram. “My end goal is to focus as much as I can on my career, keep doing influencing on the side and hopefully one day be a housewife with my babies.”

Abigail Rawlings

Since leaving the show, Abi is another of the Love Island 2021 cast who is now back with their ex. In an interview, she said: “We’re still dating, it’s going really well, I’m really happy. We’re just taking it slow and steady, but I’m enjoying myself. I’m happy. As long as I’m content, I don’t care and I’m very content!” She has also gone back to her job as a tattoo artist, living in Bournemouth. She said she is currently dividing her time between tattooing and “other opportunities” which have come her way through being on the show.

Matthew MacNabb

Remember Matthew from Casa Amor who delivered the iconic “we’re done” line to Kaz? Well he’s now in the semi-finals of Ireland’s Dancing With The Stars!! Yes, really!!!! He’s said being on the show has taught him to “let go” of his ego and be “more vulnerable”.

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