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This is where you recognise the cast of Trigger Point from

This looks so intense

Trigger Point premiered on Sunday (23rd January) and I already have so many questions. It somehow managed to be intense and gripping without anything actually happening until the last two minutes. We love foreshadowing!

Like a lot of British crime dramas, there’s bound to be a ton of faces you recognise, without knowing exactly where from. The cast is pretty stellar in this show, so you’re going to want to know who’s in it, quickly.

So, this is where you recognise the Trigger Point cast from:

Vicky McClure – Lana Washington

vicky mcclure trigger point

Photo via ITV

Lana – or “Wash” to her friends – is an impulsive, courageous EXPO officer who isn’t afraid to put herself in danger to save others. But Vicky McClure (the person who plays her) is actually a BAFTA-winning actress IRL.

Her breakthrough role as Lol in This Is England earned her a load of award nominations. She also starred in true crime drama Five Daughters, before going on to feature in Line Of Duty.

Also – fun fact for fans of Charity Shop Sue – Vicky co-executive produced the YouTube series with Shane Meadows.

Adrian Lester – Joel Nutkins

adrian lester trigger point

Photo via ITV

Viewers were literally left screaming at their screens after episode one’s cliffhanger, which left a lot of uncertainty around Joel’s fate. It’s safe to say, though, that Adrian Lester probably enjoys a more cushy lifestyle.

Marvel fans might just remember him from Spider Man 3. He’s also appeared in episodes of Merlin and Robot Chicken.

Manjinder Virk – DI Samira Desai

manjinder virk

Photo via ITV

Manjinder has been in some truly iconic British staple shows over the last 20 years – you’re bound to recognise her from somewhere. From The Thick Of It and Green Wing to Skins, Doctors and Call The Midwife – it’s giving range.

Cal MacAninch – Inspector Robinson

cal macaninch

Photo via ITV 

Actor Cal McAninch clearly feels at home playing policemen. His roles in short-lived Casualty spinoff HolbyBlue, Vigil, Des and DCI Banks often saw him taking the law into his own hands.

Mark Stanley – DCI Thom Youngblood

mark stanley

Photo via ITV

There’s definitely something shady about DCI Youngblood’s relationship with Lana – and Mark Stanley is no stranger to playing some darker characters. He’s been in some pretty A-list films in his time, including Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Hellboy.

Mark played Grenn in Game Of Thrones for three years, as well as Colin Caffell in White House Farm before joining the Trigger Point cast.

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