Even Sue Gray is laughing at these hilariously funny 14 Boris Johnson reaction memes

Not anotherrr one!

Boris Johnson, or as he will henceforth be known, the absolute raver of the century, has only gone and done it again – caught in yet another party scandal, this time for his birthday.

With M&S nibbles present, the PM and his mates gathered in celebration whilst the rest of us – yes you guessed it – were STILL in lockdown.

The only person who’s more pissed off about this leak than Boris is Sue Gray, who was due to submit her report on the parties this week. At this rate the report isn’t ever seeing the light of day.

As usual, everyone’s fuming. Yet, the glimmering light in this very dark and twisted political space is Twitter – yet again providing us with only the very best- very typical- British banter.

The reactions are class and since Boris is living it up, you might as well pour yourself a glass, get your 3 for £7 spread on the go, turn on some Party Rock Anthem and enjoy the very best Twitter has to offer:

First up, a moment of silence for Sue Gray and her never ending report

I wonder what excuse he’ll come up with this time

This one adds up…

Boris knew it all along

It’s a vicious cycle

Man’s been living it up

Canny wait xoxo

So close…

It’s a tough life

Yes, yes they do

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