This girl found out her boyfriend was cheating on her through Depop

‘u still interested in the top tho? xx’

Picture this: you’re innocently scrolling through Depop looking for some fresh Y2k pieces, when you see a seller post a picture in a really familiar setting – your boyfriend’s house.

It may sound too much of a coincidence, but that’s exactly what happened. Turns out, a woman found out her boyfriend was cheating on her after shopping on Depop, when she found another seller posting pictures from his bedroom.

In an exchange posted on the Instagram account Depop Drama, the woman started out by asking the seller straight up if she knew someone by her boyfriend’s name.

When the seller confirmed that she did in fact know him, the girl asked, “was this photo taken in his room lol.”

The seller, still with clearly no idea what was going on, responded: “yeh it was coz I left my stuff at his, why do u ask? do yk him?”

At this discovery, the girl was clearly fuming and said, “YES I know him he’s my boyfriend !!!!!! Why was you even at his???”

Naturally, the seller was pretty apologetic and insisted that she was unaware he had a girlfriend. She wrote: “Omg babe, I’m so sorry – I didn’t know!”

Like any wise entrepreneur, she wasn’t prepared to let this set back stop her from getting the sale though and carried on: “u still interested in the top tho? xx”

Understandably, the woman lost interest in the sale and shut the seller down pretty quickly, “no I’m not f***ing interested in the top”, she said.

The original post on Instagram has racked up over 50,000 likes and people are going absolutely mad in the comments. Here’s some of the best:

Cold hard truth’s

Thanks hun xo

Don’t hate the player, hate the game

Look on the bright side !!!

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