The Apprentice week three memes

Enjoy a non-alcoholic beverage and laugh at these 32 The Apprentice memes, okcurrrr?

The taxi home got yassified

Week three of The Apprentice continued to deliver the laughs even when the candidates were incapable of bringing the business acumen. The memes from The Apprentice being stone cold classics is one thing you can always guarantee no matter what casualties go down in that boardroom, and despite proud Barb Navid’s attempts to gasify Lord Sugar, he okcurrrred his way out of the competition. And he wasn’t the only iconic blow the cast took – with our royal highness Shama quitting the competition at the start of the ep due to health issues. I’ll never be over it. But as Lord Sugar bellowed, business carries on, and so does this round up of the funniest The Apprentice week three memes.

1. A blow to reality TV methinks

2. If this was a film, I’d pay good money to watch it

3. A Jodie Comer looking agent of chaos

4. Queen behaviour

5. Get her gone!

6. This has absolutely finished me off x

7. Every single week, without fail

8. Swiping RIGHT I fear

9. Not a great candidate but potentially a future Soap Awards winner

10. Our eternal kings of the boardroom

11. Did they think we wouldn’t notice our care? BRING IT BACK

12. The revolution has been yassified


14. Navid sashayed away out of that Werk, I mean BOARD, room

15. I would be TUNING in

16. Tell us Sophie! QUICKLY!

17. Dermot O’Leary is shaking

18. She came in a queen and she left a queen

19. I can’t cope with them putting salt in to try and make it taste more like vodka

20. Look, you can’t stay mad at an icon

21. Has anyone checked his blood pressure x

22. Absolute scripture tbh

23. The accuracy is too much

24. Quite obsessed with this gay icon

25. An old maiden type drink

26. He couldn’t help himself

27. Will never get old I fear

28. The correct choice was made

29. She’d had it

30. High camp!

31. Literally, every cloud x

32. I miss Wiffy

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