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The Sylvanian Family drama TikTok account is wildly unhinged and these TikToks prove it

It’s such chaos but I can’t stop watching it

Growing up in Britain meant you were thrown into an automatic chokehold by the entire Sylvanian families franchise. But none of us could have predicted the tight Sylvanian grasp would remain all the way into our twenty-somethings. When we were kids we would make up fun, adorable stories for the cute woodland creatures of Sylvania. But now, and thanks to TikTok, @SylavnianDrama does it for us – except the stories are completely and utterly unhinged. The account covers quite dark topics like domestic abuse and getting into car crashes but it was originally set up as a way of mocking the way these topics are shown in our favourite TV soap operas. Which, when you think about it, it does perfectly. I am pretty sure I’ve seen the majority of these scenes in Gossip Girl. Anyway, here are some of the Sylvanian families TikTok dramas:

‘My dad owns Shein’

@sylvaniandrama #toxic #drama ♬ what the hell – Avril Lavigne

The latest Sylvanian families drama on TikTok really blew up and so far it has just over 10 million views and the top comment quotes the exact reason why this video made it big time: “My dad owns Shein”. In a conversation with an elephant from Sylvania, the meerkat says: “I only wear thrifted clothes”, and when the elephant asks a justifiable question of how they afford to, the meerkat reveals their dad actually owns Shein. Iconic.

Rating: 3/10, pretty mild and not too unhinged.

‘No my kidney is emo’

@sylvaniandrama #drama #lilhuddy ♬ So What – P!NK

How is it possible for the animals of Sylvania to convey so much emotion but at the same time their faces don’t move? It’s wild. Anyway, in this TikTok, the rabbit hears her husband has cheated and she gets heavy into drinking. When her husband arrives home, he says the dinner is awful and she basically goes for him – he gets kidney failure and then he gets a new kidney donated by none other than TikTok Hype House royalty, Lil Huddy.

Rating: 4/10, a little chaotic, mainly just good laughs though.

‘Low rise jeans are back in style’

@sylvaniandrama ♬ All The Things She Said – t.A.T.u.

Okay so this one is actually a cinematic masterpiece and it’s so dramatic how the elephant’s exit is. I mean, she’s literally fleeing the country because low rise jeans are back in fashion and she’s doing so in the back of a cart whilst holding a gun.

Rating: 4.5/10, pure chaos and didn’t expect the elephant to be in possession of a firearm.

‘She’s everything I’m insecure about’

@sylvaniandrama #sylvanianfamilies ♬ Drivers License by Olivia Rodrigo – nickie j nuñez

Olivia Rodrigo is dramatic, sure. But have you ever seen a Sylvanian families reenactment of Drivers Licence on TikTok? Because THAT is dramatic. One of the very first videos on the account is actually a dramatisation of Olivia Rodrigo’s song and even though it’s perfect, it made me wonder whether this account is run by someone who is 14 or 40.

Rating: 5/10, Olivia Rodrigo is pure chaos and the car crash was a nice touch

‘The fact you bought pepper spray gives me the ick’

@sylvaniandrama #hotmom ♬ Stacy’s Mom – Bowling For Soup

@Sylvaniandrama is clearly very hot on trends. A cat gets pepper sprayed by her fiancé on the day of their wedding after she finds out he has cheated on her. Then she’s registered blind!! And her secret admirer kills her fiancé – it’s chaos.

Rating: 7/10, enjoyed the pepper spray ick comment too much.

‘Her eyeliner is fab’

@sylvaniandrama #kendalljenner #drama ♬ dźwięk oryginalny – diana spencer 🤍

This one is wildly unhinged when you think about the fact the bear admitted to cheating on his partner with Kendall Jenner. Then his partner pushed him off a literal balcony and tells them to take their clothes and belongings before they go and starting hardcore dating “Kendall”. Their ex then hires a hit and run to take down the bear and his new partner who gets badly hurt but the doctors are too fussed about their eyeliner game being so strong!

Rating: 10/10, it’s just so absurd.

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