Who are my parents TikTok filter

Here’s how to use the realistic TikTok filter which tells you who your famous parents are

Okay but why is it so accurate??

TikTok filters get more and more realistic by the day and the latest filter to blow up for being too realistic is the “who are my parents” filter which basically matches you with your famous parents. It could just be the fact everyone using it is outrageously fit and famous, or the TikTok filter could genuinely be one of the most accurate filters of all time? Here’s everything we know about the who are my parents TikTok filter and how to use it:

The ‘who are my parents’ TikTok filter is completely random

So if you’ve used the filter already then you’ll know it doesn’t take anything in about your personality or preferences – it’s totally random. Which makes it even more terrifying because it could easily be legit if it wasn’t for the teeeeny tiny fact that the two famous celebrities you get for your answer probably haven’t bonked and you are most definitely not their child. Anyway, here’s how to use the filter:

• Click on the TikTok camera and go to the effects gallery.

• In the search bar, type out “Please Adopt Me” and the effect will pop up.

• Then click on the filter and wait for a few seconds until it shows you who your famous parents are.

• Get your results, find pictures of your famous parents on Google and then use the Face App to morph them together and share your results to TikTok.

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