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Only Gemma Collins herself could get full marks in this Celebrity Big Brother 17 quiz


I don’t want to alarm you, but the most iconic, gripping series of Celebrity Big Brother (RIP) aired exactly six years ago this month. I’m happy to make the case that no single series of a British reality show has been as good since – all TV writers and producers should’ve just given up after the “David’s dead” episode in my humble opinion.

Sure, every series of Big Brother and CBB had brief dalliances in the TV hall of fame. There were always standout members of each cast – the Kim Woodburns, Jade Goodys and Alison Hammonds of the world. But Celebrity Big Brother 17 just had *the* perfect shitstorm of dramatic C-listers, a cheating storyline and actual David Bowie dying while his ex-wife was in the house.

The Gemma Collins memes have stood the test of time, Facebook mums and tea channels still use those Tiffany Pollard GIFs and the entire “David… David?!” fiasco should (quite frankly) be on display at The Louvre. But just how well do you know your CBB17 trivia?

Do you remember when Alexander Neale was kicked off? Can you tell your Christopher Maloneys from your Darren Days? Why did we all think John Partridge’s full name was Jonathan? Take our quiz to find out:


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Featured image via Channel 5 before edits.