What is Archive 81? The ‘must watch’ Netflix horror series everyone is talking about

‘I haven’t stopped thinking about it’

Last week, Netflix released a new horror series called Archive 81. Since then, it’s gone straight into the top 10 list and has everyone talking about it. The horror series is being backed as the next big show you need to watch, with viewers literally saying they are “obsessed” with it.

The creepy story uses found footage to tell the tale, and is loosely inspired by the popular podcast of the same name. The eight-episode supernatural thriller series is from producers who have worked on shows such as The Vampire Diaries and Stranger Things. Here’s everything you need to know about Archive 81 on Netflix, ahead of your inevitable binge-watch.

What you need to know about new Netflix horror thriller series Archive 81 including plot story and trailers, Reviews of the new show

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Archive 81 on Netflix is a horror series, all about XYZ

Archive 81 is an eight episode thriller series, which follows archivist Dan Turner, who takes a job restoring a collection of damaged videotapes from 1994. He is a VHS enthusiast, hired for the mysterious project involving some recently recovered tapes. He’s reconstructing the work of a documentary filmmaker named Melody Pendras, taken in the Visser apartment building.

Dan is drawn into her investigation of a dangerous cult at the since burned down apartment building. As the season unfolds across these two timelines, Dan slowly finds himself obsessed with uncovering what happened to Melody and the building’s residents. Melody’s story unfolds through the use of found footage and flashbacks. When the two characters form a mysterious connection, Dan becomes convinced he can save her from the terrifying end she met 25 years ago.

The Netflix synopsis reads: “An archivist takes a job restoring damaged videotapes and gets pulled into the vortex of a mystery involving the missing director and a demonic cult.”

What you need to know about new Netflix horror thriller series Archive 81 including plot story and trailers, Reviews of the new show

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People are calling it a ‘creepy’ must watch and are saying they’re ‘totally obsessed’

So far, Archive 81 is getting pretty hit reviews and it currently scores a huge 95 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Independent says you’ll “immediately want to add [it] to your watchlist”. The Guardian has reviewed the series, saying: “We’re crying out for distractions from the world, and this Netflix show contains just the right amount of jump scares, cultish conspiracies and great performances.” The review adds that the show doesn’t take itself too seriously and is “one of those programmes where you are best advised to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.”

Twitter also has a lot to say, with people who have watched the series sharing their thoughts. Among the reviews, people have said they “haven’t stopped thinking about it” and it gets “more creepy and interesting with each episode”. But, people have been advising not to watch it alone or at night. “I’m five eps in and totally OBSESSED with #Archive81 — if you like horror, you really need to check this show out,” one said. 

Watch the trailer for Archive 81 on Netflix here:

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