Just 24 memes about The Apprentice last night and *that* awful turd toothbrush

The graphic designers have had ENOUGH

Last night the second episode of The Apprentice aired and the memes are iconic. The episode kicked off with a task where the candidates had to create a children’s toothbrush and app – so you can probably imagine the pure chaos of it all.

People on Twitter were very quick to rinse and roast the teams (mainly the boys) for their tragic creations. Last week we watched the boys create an awful brown and green logo and naturally this week they decided to create a brown and green toothbrush. It was exactly like a turd and Lord Sugar even told project manager Aaron that it was from “Uranus” – classic. Anyway, here are all the best memes and reactions to The Apprentice 2022 last night.

1. Where is the lie though?

2. My sleep paralysis demon

3. They have the hardest job


5. Wiffy The Wizard is on one

6. He’s so unimpressed

7. He won’t find any here

8. Clearly they didn’t learn anything

9. Someone get this boy on the next season

10. I am finished

11. Love the colour combo, huns

12. She has the best facial expressions ever

13. They hate it, it’s obvious

14. Again, where’s the lie?

15. Lord Suagr’s apprentice by day, flight attendant by night

16. They’ll manage it as well

17. Lmaoooo

18. He’s fired the wrong people twice imo

19. Wiffy isn’t the only one

20. I love how immature this nation is

21. Please, make it make sense

22. Okay but how did you get this photo of my life reaction?

23. Cba

24. ‘It’s for young people like three-year-olds’

The Apprentice continues at 9pm on Thursday evenings on BBC One. Episodes will also be available on iPlayer

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