Meet Tom Sargent: The Cardiff Uni student and ‘voice of the trains’ on TikTok

Students keep making him do his impressions in the queue for the club

Cardiff first year student Tom Sargent has been making waves on TikTok, with his content getting millions of views. Most of his videos are of him doing impressions of London Underground announcements or adverts and they’re actually so accurate, right down to the little jolts in editing that are part and parcel of an automated announcement.

While Tom isn’t actually the voice of the trains (sorry), he’s still a really talented impressionist. But what’s the secret to nailing an impression? And does he get bored of having to whip out his various voices in the queue for nightclubs? We caught up with Tom Sargent to find out.

‘I like to do impressions of every day things people don’t pay much attention to’

Tom’s been a child actor since he was nine-years-old and has appeared in West End shows and even performed at The National Theatre. He started doing impressions of train announcers, which people really seemed to enjoy. “I like to do impressions of every day things people don’t pay much attention to,” he says.

In this TikTok, he says, “people at uni found out I’m the voice of the London Underground,” before launching into an impression.

@realtomsargent WHY DID I EXPOSE MYSELF AS THE VOICE OF THE TUBE? Also hello to my imposters, love you I guess (weirdos) #growingupbritish #british #comedy #funny #london #todayyearsoldwhen #uk #cringe #meme #vine #fyp ♬ found out Im the voice of the tube – realtomsargent

Now, Tom is a first year Journalism and Media student at Cardiff University who as aspirations of going into broadcast journalism. He also fancies being a voice actor and has already had small businesses get into contact with him offering him work.

Tom learns a new voice every day

@realtomsargent Anyone recognise this voice? Let me guess… “I THOUGHT IT WAS A WOMAN!” #comedy #british #growingupbritish #uk #funny #trains #recording #fyp #tommy ♬ original sound – realtomsargent

With the train announcements, he pays particular attention to the little details, saying that you have to “take into account it’s very automated. A lot of separate recordings put together.”

Tom replays clips of announcements and practises them over and over again. “I try and practise a new voice over every day,” he says.

People keep asking him to do impressions in the queue for the club

@realtomsargent Reply to @alicewanless DARLING, HOLD MY HAND! #british #growingupbritish #christmas #holidays #funny #comedy #uk #fyp #lol #voices ♬ original sound – realtomsargent

Tom is a self-confessed English nerd, but he also loves a night out. Trouble is, people have got wind of his TikToks and have started making him do impressions in the queues for clubs.

“Often I’ll be queuing for a night out and some people will recognise me, which is crazy because I don’t think I’m big enough for that,” he says. “But it does happen. I spend my time waiting in the queue for a nightclub doing the voice of transport for Wales to people who have recognised me from TikTok.”

As well as the trains, Tom does advert impressions. “Some people come up to me and play Jess Glynne’s Hold My Hand and get me to do the Jet2 voice,” he says.

“I think my poor uni friends are sick of it to be honest, but I quite like it to be fair.”

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