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People on TikTok are sending their parents fake Christmas cards, here are the best ones

‘From Susan, Michael and the kids xx’

It’s a simple fact of life that if there’s one thing parents love more than Live, Love, Laugh posters, it’s sending out roughly five thousand Christmas cards every festive season. It’s simply not December if your mum hasn’t filled the house with cards she’s received from her primary school teachers, the postman and your aunt’s best mate. But now, people on TikTok are here to take the Christmas cheer to another level, and have started sending their parents a fake Christmas card as a prank.

It all started last December, when TikTok user Lauren Christina Wilkes posted a video saying that every year she and her siblings send their parents a fake Christmas card, “from these random people called Michael and Susan and the kids”. She said that they fill it with things like “we can’t wait to see you soon”, and it leaves her parents very confused. Then a couple of weeks ago, Lauren posted a video telling people again, because she said last year there had been loads of comments from people asking for a reminder this year. Her TikTok from this year has had almost 350k views and you can watch it here:

@laurenchristinawilkesFake Christmas card #christmas #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound – Lauren

Now people all over TikTok are doing these fake Christmas card pranks on their parents. Here are some of the best ones and their parents’ reactions to them:

Peak mum: Calling your nan up to investigate further

@somearcadeguyMailing a Christmas card from a random couple to our mum and dad ##prank ##fyp ##christmascard ##christmas

♬ original sound – Jon

Putting the cash in for ‘a bottle of Cava on us’ was a genius move

@islaygrantTried the fake Xmas card prank on my parents, John and Wendy are now household names in this family #fakechristmascard #prank #fakecard

♬ original sound – Islay Grant

Here’s a TikTok user telling her parents the truth:

@hanrosenbergWasnt in when my mum actually opened the card. Please excuse the awful laugh #fyp #christmas2020 #fakecard

♬ original sound – Hannah Rosenberg

‘I don’t know anyone called Si’

@indiawood3Should be doing my coursework…

♬ original sound – India Wood

These parents got sent a Christmas card from the D’Amelios! Imagine that!

@acronin13#tiktokholidays #happyholidays #christmascard #viral #winterbreak #familytime #christmasprank @charlidamelio @dixiedamelio

♬ Sleigh Ride – Leroy Anderson

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