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These are the relationship statuses of all the Selling Tampa women

Two of them are engaged!!

Selling Tampa has finally dropped on Netflix and it is giving just as many dramatic showdowns, boujee houses and incredible outfits as Selling Sunset. There are office politics, million dollar homes and occasionally some really personal issues. The season touches on the women’s experiences of pregnancy, divorce and loss. And so because of this the show introduces us to many of the Selling Tampa women’s partners.

Throughout the season three of the women’s partners are featured, including one husband. But what about the other women? What are their relationship statuses? In Selling Tampa one of Juawana’s biggest storylines is her divorce and Tennille touches on her long distance relationship.

So who is currently single and who is loved up? These are the love lives of the Selling Tampa women:

Sharelle Rosado

via Instagram @sharellerosado_

Relationship status: Engaged

Sharelle is currently engaged to Chad Johnson and they are expecting their first baby together.

Chad is a former NFL player and is 43 years old. He’s got nearly 2million followers on Instagram and has previously appeared on Dancing With The Stars.

Chad has seven children from previous relationships and Sharelle has three of her own, so their new baby will be his 11th child. The couple first met on Instagram when Sharelle slid into his DMs and they began dating on and off.

In Selling Tampa Sharelle reveals they are dating long distance as Chad is based in Miami. Chad frequently posts fire pictures of Sharelle on his Instagram and a lot of promo for Selling Tampa.

Colony Reeves

via Instagram @colonyreeves

Relationship status: Single

It is currently unclear what Colony’s relationship status is, however going off what she says in the show, she is single. I’m sorry but how is she single? Have you seen her?

Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere

via Instagram @annesophiepf

Relationship status: Single

Anna-Sophie is also believed to be single despite flirting with Cho in Miami.

Tennille Moore

via Instagram @tennillemoore_

Relationship status: In a relationship

On Selling Tampa Tennille revealed she was currently in a relationship but it was long distance, which she said she preferred.

Tennille also has children of her own.

Juawana Colbert

via Instagram @juawanacolbert

Relationship status: Single

A big part of Selling Tampa was Juawana’s divorce storyline. Juawana was married to Bryan Williams in 2016 but filed for divorce earlier this year.

Bryan is a US Army veteran and now works as a photographer. The pair did not have any children together.

Juawana is actually a grandmother. I know, I can’t believe it either. Juawana had a previous marriage before Bryan and they had a child together who now has his own child.

Now Juawana is single and by the looks of it loving single life.

Rena Frazier

via Instagram @therealdrikk3

Relationship status: Married

Rena is currently married to Anddrikk Frazier who we get to see on Selling Tampa. Anddrikk is the president and CEO of an energy company called Integral Energy, LLC.

They have been together for over 10 years and have three daughters together called Aja, Alivia and Aryn.

Before her marriage to Anddrikk Rena was previously married to Adrian Mosley and they have one daughter together called Ariana.

Alexis Williams

via Instagram @thealexiscwilliams

Relationship status: Engaged

Alexis is currently engaged to Michael Gillislee and they have one son together called Jordon.

Michael is an NFL player who is on is way to retirement as Alexis mentions in Selling Tampa.

The couple met in college when they attended the University of Florida and have been together ever since.

Karla Giorgio

via Instagram @karlagiorgio_

Relationship status: Single

Karla currently appears to be single after she went through a breakup during lockdown from her high school sweetheart who she had been with for 10 years.

Karla has three children including a set of twins.

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