To me, these 23 Love Actually memes are perfect

And my wasted heart will always love them

No Christmas film has had quite the cultural impact on this country like Love Actually. It was released nearly 20 years ago and yet it is still continually referenced, watched on repeat and memed every time 1st December rolls around. Whether you love it or hate it, there is literally no escaping Love Actually’s impact, particularly on Twitter which is full of top tier Love Actually memes.

Love Actually was released in 2003 and features 12 different interwoven storylines about various types of love. These sometimes chaotic storylines and the stellar cast are usually the focus of memes on Twitter. Most recently there’s been a big uptake in Hugh Grant as the prime minister memes after the news of many alleged Tory Christmas parties led everyone wanting him to be the true leader of our country.

But that’s not all. The Love Actually memes also focus on one of the most heartbreaking storylines in cinematic history – Emma Thompson’s character being cheated on by Alan Rickman’s character. Yes, I am still crying about it.

If you laugh and cry in equal parts to the movie then these are the 23 funniest Love Actually memes you need to see:

1. The true leader of this country

2. Praise the lord this never happened

3. Will never be over it

4. An actual angel

5. Sweet, sweet justice

6. Truth

7. Cannot stop the tears

8. Seriously, where was her Oscar?

9. Hideous

10. The OG

11. Comedy gold

12. Just love him

13. The only correct version

14. Chaos

15. Get out of here

16. Hands down the best line

17. What were they thinking?

18. The greatest tragedy

19. Vom

20. Are you dead inside?

21. Not emotional at all x

22. A whole £270??

23. Mia was not ok

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