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This wild fan theory about The Holiday suggests two main characters are actually killers

Well that’s ruined my festive spirit


A wild fan theory about The Holiday suggests Iris and Graham are actually murderers and I will never see the film the same way again.

A user posted on Reddit their theory inspired by an article they read that in reality The Holiday is actually a murder plot movie. They suggest siblings Iris and Graham, played by Kate Winslet and Jude Law, are plotting to murder Amanda, played by Cameron Diaz, in order to gain all her money.

They said: “Kate Winslet and Jude Law are laying a trap where he will seduce Cameron Diaz, marry her, kill her, and inherit her fortune.”

The theory goes into even more detail about the siblings’ supposed wicked plan. They say they arrange the house swap in order to see if Amanda is worth killing and then Graham goes onto plan the “accidental” meeting between himself and Amanda at Iris’ cottage.

They said: “Now he and his sister have used the house swap scheme to get Cameron Diaz into their town while Kate Winslet can investigate and make sure Cameron has enough money and property (and no family/entanglements) to be worth the effort of seducing her and then disposing of her.

“Kate is so overjoyed to see how grand and luxurious Cameron’s house is because she knows she and Jude have hit the jackpot. Meanwhile, Jude carefully sets up an ‘accidental’ meeting and manipulates Cameron to develop a relationship and get his claws into her.”

If that wasn’t twisted enough then the Reddit user argues Graham had already killed his first wife to get her boujie house.

And even worse they suggest Iris was planning on seducing Arthur, the old screenwriter, so they could marry and she could get his fortune when he died. However Jack Black got in the way.

The Holiday first came out 15 years ago and every Christmas I will happily sit down and rewatch it, but now I don’t think I’ll ever be able to watch it in the same light.

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