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How to take THE perfect nude: We asked girls for their expert tips

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The devil works hard, but literally no-one works harder than a girl trying to take the perfect nude for someone she fancies. It’s genuinely unfair how imbalanced the entire process is. You’ll ask a boy for a banging photo and he’ll assume it’s code for “please send me a low-effort pic of you lying down on your old Thomas The Tank Engine bedsheet clutching your dick”. Occasionally you’ll be treated to him cocking one leg up on the bath ridge like a tired old Labrador, videoing himself from below. A heartbreaking sight.

Luckily, women exist. Need I say more? The hours spent shaving pre-hook-up, the precise mirror placement, the fact that they probably spent over £50 on new lingerie just to take the perfect nude. Girls are majestic, thoughtful goddesses – and leagues above everyone else in the nude-taking department. Despite this, we’re not here to gush about how amazing you all are. It’s time for serious business. Not sure how to fix your lighting? Lack of poses getting you down? Forgotten how to take the perfect pussy pic?

Get a notepad and paper out, because we’re going to find out exactly how to gatekeep and girlboss your way to taking THE perfect nude.

First things first: Believe in your sauce

BE CONFIDENT! Lighting and angles are one thing for sure but there’s nothing sexier than feeling and being confident when you’re taking a photo of yourself! This way you’re taking nudes for you rather than just to please someone else. You can look back on the nude and appreciate the beauty of it!

Meg, 21

Teasing with lingerie is just as sexy as having your full vulva on show

Leave a bit to the imagination – don’t want to give it all away in pics. Also take them in the mirror.

Summer, 21

Tactically cover the goods to take the perfect nude

Pop your hip, put your hand on your thigh. Accentuate those womanly curves. If you cover your hand over your nips and/or puss, it looks mysterious.

Sophie, 21

Keep those visuals on point

Background is important because if it’s messy it’s distracting and they’re going to analyse your room lol. Wear jewellery or body highlighter with coloured lights. It adds visual interest (but I think girls appreciate that more than guys so it depends who you’re sending it to). To get a great bum angle, take the pic from the back in the mirror.

Louisa, 21

They’ll love to see you from your point-of-view, or whatever Ariana Grande said

I have a pose that I’ve sent and it was very well received. I was naked, on the floor of my bathroom (sitting on a towel), shaving. I had a little round mirror in front of me. After I finished, I took a photo of the mirror with my reflection on it. Everything was on show btw. I loved that image because it was so simple, natural and sexy. The other person said (among other things) it was like seeing from my POV which they liked.

Daisy, 25

Just do it when you feel like it

Just take it. There’s often way too much focus on aesthetics for me. That ain’t real life. Sometimes I feel sexiest in my pjs!

Cathy, 23

Make sure you feel comfortable – crop that face out

Wear some pretty lingerie if you’re feeling fancy! Also find positions you’re comfortable in (and don’t put your face in it, you can never be too careful).

Emilie, 19

Put a mirror opposite your bed and keep it there when they come round

Sadly I always think to myself – if this got leaked would I be happy with how I look in it? I’ve recently discovered putting a mirror opposite your bed and lying on your front looks pretty good for your bum.

Lydia, 24

Change up those angles regularly

You could angle the camera upside down to make things *interesting*.

Arunima, 22

Take a video in all positions and screenshot the best ones

I always take a video on selfie mode and screenshot from the video after. This also means I can create little GIFs (if I send via WhatsApp). It’s literally the only way to do it and it means you have SO much material to work with.

Rosie, 25

Give yourself plenty of time

Carve out a good few hours to do it and do it to make yourself feel good!

Michele, 22

Make your lighting look dark and sultry

Turn off the big light/lamps, only use neon lights for lighting.

Becca, 25

Consent is key – and the sexiest part

Have lots of fun and enjoy it! Also make sure your safety is priority so don’t do anything you don’t feel comfortable or safe to do (even when the receiver has asked for it). If you want to conceal your identity try to keep your face and any distinguishable features (like tattoos) out of it.

Alex, 22

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