What is the sex haze? The mistake you make when sleeping with someone new

Well I’m definitely guilty of this

Ever been with a guy who is literally the worst person for you on paper? They vote for a completely different political party than you, they have the worst manners and all their exes are apparently ‘crazy’? And yet, you ignore all of this because the dick is sooo good. Well this is the sex haze.

The sex haze or ‘sex poisoning’ as dubbed by The Cut is: “The state of being convinced after intimacy that you have romantic interest in someone you objectively do not.”

So essentially when you know they’re not good/interesting/funny enough for you and yet you convince yourself you’re into them or you ‘love’ them because you’ve had great sex. You’ll literally go around telling all your mates you’ve found the ‘one’ . But in a few months you’ll realise you were ignoring their inability to have a meaningful conversation for a decent shag.

It’s not known when the term first came about, but in a season two episode of Sex and The City in 1999 Carrie and Samantha mention the term. The topic comes up when Charlotte thinks she can make a relationship work with a man who is really good at going down on her even though they have nothing in common.

Carrie says: “You know what? You’ve fallen into the sex haze. Where the sex is really great and you start acting like a crazy person. You imagine the relationship is something it’s not.”

When you’re in the sex haze you will literally excuse everything this guy does cause you’re so infatuated. You’ll brush off his flaming Tory remarks because he’s got a seven and a half inch dick.

If your friend was dating this guy you’d be able to objectively see his personality is shit. But you’re blinded to any of their faults because you’re in the sex haze. You’ve fallen head over heels into their dick sand.

These are all the times girls have got the sex haze and the horrible personality traits they overlooked for good sex:

He was a raging Tory, had zero respect for women but had a seven and a half inch dick

My ex couldn’t function without being permanently high, was extremely tight with money despite his parents being millionaires. He had no ambition to do anything with his life, he was a raging Tory and had zero respect for women. But I convinced myself I liked him because he had a seven and a half inch dick. Jasmine, 22 

My ex was a man child with no job but he went on down on me all the time

My last boyfriend was 22 and his mum still bought his clothes for him?? I should have been put off by that alone. He also had no job and he would just play video games rather than taking me on dates. However he was all about making me feel good in bed and was excellent at going down on me. I was 100 per cent blinded by that. Alison, 20

We had nothing in common, spending time together was painful but he had a big dick

I was seeing a guy that was literally the most boring person ever. We had nothing in common and spending time together was painful. He was the most arrogant guy, he thought so much of himself and every time we hung out it felt so forced. But he had a really big dick and was good in bed. So I pushed through. Katya, 21

I knew he was a cheater and yet I couldn’t pull myself away

This guy was the textbook definition of bad news. A major dickhead, coke head and a serial cheater. His girlfriend literally dumped him the day before I slept with him because she found out he had been cheating on her multiple times. I’d gone through a bad breakup and was finally ready to get laid.

Let me reiterate how much of a massive arsehole this guy was. We had sex and five minutes later he said: “I wanted your attention at the start of the night, but now I don’t, so I’m gonna go.”

If we were watching a film he would sneak off to do coke, hit on all my friends and wanted me to cut his hair. But he had a huge dick, into doing kinky stuff and made me see God. So I definitely ignored all those awful traits for a quality orgasm. Natasha, 19

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