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Boys who don’t have sex with girls on their period are WEAK

Sorry if you can’t handle the truth

Boys who don't have sex with girls when they're on their period are weak. But do you know what's mad? These boys are everywhere. I can't help you spot them, because it can be any boy. It can be the pseudo-woke boy who reads The Guardian and has incense candles littering his room. It can be the rugby boy who is down for anything – who has definitely drank his mate's piss for a dare – but will stop the moment he sees a single spot of blood. Period sex is the final frontier. It separates the weak from the strong.

Picture this: You're getting with a guy and it's going really well. You're in bed, on top of him, he's pressed up against you. The kissing has increasingly more and more tongue. He kisses your neck, then his hand starts to move down towards your underwear. It's all about to escalate. But then you have to drop the bombshell, "I'm on my period."

But this shouldn't be a bombshell in the first place. This shouldn't cut your sex short. The perfect response a guy can give you is simply "I don't care." But that response is much rarer than it should be.

What's more likely is that you'll receive one of these responses: "Oh, okay then", "Ah shit, that sucks", "Damn, when can we do this again?" or the worst – "Why didn't you tell me?" Every single one of those responses roughly translates to: Guess we're not having sex then.

Hear me now when I say this: THOSE BOYS ARE WEAK.

How a boy handles period sex is a pretty good judge of character. If that's how he reacts to putting his penis inside of you (something he should really want to do) when there's a bit of blood about, how is he going to react to a minor cut? Or a tampon coming out? Or CHILDBIRTH? If he's your full time boyfriend and he's not down for it – how can you consider him to be marriage material?

I know what you're thinking – "but it's messy". Okay first off, put a towel down if you must. Have sex in the shower. Use a condom. There are ways around it. Secondly, if your guy is so unwilling to clean his sheets that he would deny himself sex with you in order to avoid washing them, you have another problem on your hands. Ladies, get yourself a man that Bold 2in1's his sheets for you.

Mess aside, period sex can be amazing. Women's vaginas and breasts can be extra sensitive on their periods – like, in a good way. A very good way. That's one week a month of extra intensity sex he is DENYING himself – and you. Also, it helps with cramps. So if he truly is as nice of a guy as he says he is, he should be helping you out.

Also, mathematically speaking, he is depriving you of sex for 1/4 of the month, every month. That's 25 per cent of your LIFE. So really, it's just in good sense to avoid these weaklings.

To conclude: Ladies, avoid these men. If you're already dating one, don't worry. He can be taught. And if you yourself are scared of period sex – don't be. Make like Moses, part that red sea and have a good time.

This guy knows.

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