give me that damn bucket TikTok

Okay so what is that ‘give me that damn bucket’ song all over TikTok right now?

This song literally lives in my head rent free

Another day, another song that’s dominating the TikTok FYP and becoming absolutely inescapable. The way these random songs just unearth from nowhere and take over our scrolling little lives? This time it’s the turn of a pop punk banger that’s become very memeable, and with the trends of the chart and music industry today it sounds like it could have been released in 2021 under Travis Barker’s label. The “Aw, fuck it, give me that damn bucket” lyrics on the viral TikTok sound are catchy af, but where are they originally from? Is this nonsense a real song? Are the rumours true that the vocalist is none other than the Pink Friday princess herself? Let’s find OUT.

@daemayThe chum 🪣♬ knockout – asia valentine

It’s an old 2010 banger by Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj

Back in 2010, pre Nicki Minaj’s huge blow up with her Pink Friday debut, she featured on her frequent collaborator Lil Wayne’s single Knockout, from his album Rebirth. It’s a strange one, hearing Lil Wayne trade overly processed bars over a pop punk instrumentation and it’s a song that stands out a mile thinking of it in a 2010 pop landscape. It’s actually quite ahead of its time – autotuned pop punk is quite hot in 2021, 100 gecs are a prime example. If this verse isn’t reason enough for Olivia Rodrigo to get Nicki on for a Good 4 U remix verse then I don’t know what is.

Whilst it’s only really the first “Aw, fuck it, give me that damn bucket” lyrics that are getting memed on TikTok, the full lyrics to Nicki’s verse go:

Aw, fuck it
Give me that damn bucket
Wh-when I throw this pussy
You better not start duckin’
Oh yo
How long with the blow
Lo-look out in the crowd
And everybody’s yellin’ no
Grab him by his locks
And get the message out the box
The head hit below the belt
I wanna give him the talk

What are people doing with it on TikTok?

Literally every bucket concept and meme imaginable, of course:

@blackiewithkhakisjill was the REAL girl boss 😍🙌🏾 ##foryoupage ##comedy♬ knockout – asia valentine

@corywinnThis is a hacker posting this hello I am a hacker♬ knockout – asia valentine

@honestlyjoethis bucket used to go CRAZYYY ##greenscreen ##fyp♬ knockout – asia valentine

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