Below Deck charter quiz

Plan a Below Deck charter and we’ll tell you if you have any right to be on a super yacht

If you aren’t getting the slides out, don’t bother

Over the many, many, many seasons of Bravo’s Below Deck we’ve binged, many charter guests come and go. They’re very important components to the show, because the fate of the crew’s tip lies in their hands. Displease them, and you might find yourself going penniless when the trip’s over. Some of the charter guests are fun and tip well at the end, but there’s also a fair share of the crowd that are pure evil and don’t deserve to be on the luxury super yacht they luckily can afford to charter. But what about you? Do you have the right vibe to suit chartering a super yacht? Plan a charter on this Below Deck quiz and we’ll see if you deserve to set sail on the holiday of a lifetime.

Will you be making the deck crew get the big slide out? Will you be taking all the guests you’re chartering the yacht with on land for an iconic beach picnic? Will you be drinking Captain Lee or Captain Sandy out of house and home? Will you snog one of the annoyingly fit yachties?! Take the Below Deck quiz and plan your charter to see if super yachts are for you…

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