Ranked: Who is the most popular Selling Sunset agent, by Instagram followers?

Christine has FIVE MILLION more followers than Nicole does 😬


Everyone has a favourite Selling Sunset real estate agent – there’s no point even denying it. Some of us will never look at any of the others twice, because we stan iconic queen Christine Quinn and would die for her, and that’s totally fine. Others love angel Chrishell, or might like the chilled out with a natural boss feel of someone like Mary, or the cool and fun vibes of Heather. But there’s only one way to see who is overall the most popular person on Selling Sunset – Instagram followers.

With any reality TV show we all flock to Insta to follow our faves and watch every second of their lives unfold before our very eyes. Yes, I have been known to comment “omg get it bestie” on a few of their selfies, what of it?

Here is a ranking of all the real estate agents on Selling Sunset by how many followers they have on Instagram, so you can truly see who is the most popular.

13. Nicole Young – 53.5k

Ummm, Nicole has a considerable amount less followers than everyone else, and is the only Selling Sunset realtor with less than a six-figure following.

12. Davina Potratz – 328k

Look, I wasn’t expecting Davina to be high up to be honest, but we’ve taken a significant jump from Nicole. Davina has 328k followers currently.

11. Chelsea Lazkani – 569k

Ok, we’re not going to judge Chelsea here, because she’s one of the newer realtors on the show. You can’t complain at half a milly followers!

10. Vanessa Villela – 835k

Vanessa was already a pretty big name before joining the show, so it’s no surprise she already has a big following and a verified Instagram account. She currently has 835k followers and before she quit Selling Sunset, used to share lots of promotion for the show and fun pictures of her hanging out with the rest of the cast members.

9. Bre Tiesi – 1.2million

New girl Bre had loads of followers before she came on the show, and now has 1.2million. She shares loads of pictures of her home life, including cute snaps of her little boy Legendary, who she shares with Nick Cannon.

8. Amanza Smith – 1.2million

via Instagram @amanzasmith

Amanza did only join the show during season two, so it’s not much of a surprise she has less followers than a lot of the other real estate agents. Amanza has 1.2million followers and mainly shares photos of her incredible outfits.

7. Maya Vander – 1.3million

Throughout the whole of her time on the show, Maya was the unproblematic one in the office. She stayed away from the drama, and always seemed to have her own life going on and doesn’t care for everyone else’s. Everyone loved her, and this has earned her over a million loyal followers.

6. Jason Oppenheim – 1.4million

Jason gets a shoutout, even though I’m pretty sure he couldn’t care less about how many Instagram followers he has. He owns the company and is worth $50million – he has bigger fish to fry. But, he does have over a million followers.

5. Mary Fitzgerald – 2.2million

In fifth and with just over two million followers is Mary, a Selling Sunset OG who has been working for The Oppenheim Group for 10 years. Tbf, she’s earned her millions of followers.

4. Emma Hernan – 2.3million

Emma might be new to the show for season four, but she’s already got a very impressive Instagram following. Emma’s previously worked as model and has her own company, so she was a pretty big deal before Selling Sunset. Now, her Instagram posts are mainly pics of her hanging out with her fellow cast members.

3. Heather Rae El Moussa – 3.1million

Heather comes in third, currently with 3.1million. She’s married to TV star Tarek El Moussa and now her feed is full of gorgeous pics of their life together. She has recently announced that she’s left Selling Sunset though!

2. Chrishell Stause – 3.8million

Just piped to the post, but still reigning supreme out of the current Selling Sunset cast is Chrishell, with 3.8million Instagram followers. She is a lot of people’s fave in the show, and everyone is keeping on top of the hot topic that is her life right now.

1. Christine Quinn – 5million

Christine Quinn will forever be the queen of Selling Sunset, so it’s only right she has the most Instagram followers. Yes, she was framed as the villain of the show, but she owned it. Plus, I’d follow her just to get an insight into her wardrobe and expensive lifestyle. She currently has 5million Instagram followers.

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