No, Davina hasn’t sold the $75million listing – it’s still on The Oppenheim Group website

She’s even got into Twitter beef with Netflix over it

It’s the ongoing Selling Sunset joke: Did Davina manage to sell the huge $75million listing she took on with The Oppenheim Group? And the butt of the joke is that no, she did not.

What’s more, Davina has now got into a little petty back and forth with Netflix on Twitter over not being able to budge the house. It was clear that Jason Oppenheim was always torn over whether to take on the listing – the most expensive house the group has ever attempted to sell – because of how pricy it is. It was questioned if the listing was even worth that much, and if it would look bad because they’d never manage to get someone to buy it.

And well, perhaps the doubters were right because here we are, over a year later, with it still on the market.

If you’re wondering if Davina did sell the $75million listing, no she did not

1021 North Beverly Hills Drive is still available on The Oppenheim Group website. The nine bedroom, 12 bathroom property is in Beverly Hills and has one of the biggest swimming pools in the area. It sits on an impressive one acre lot, with the seven bedroom main property and a two bedroom guesthouse. The house also boasts a wine cellar, chef’s kitchen, movie theatre, walk in wardrobes and a gym.

Tbh, it’s very impressive. You can still let The Oppenheim Group know that you’re interested in the property, request more details or schedule yourself in for a tour. The price hasn’t been dropped on the listing, so Davina clearly stuck to her guns about it being worth it. She’s now left The Oppenheim Group, so it begs the question, who has taken over looking after the listing?

Ahead of the new episodes being dropped, Netflix tweeted an update to say that the house still hadn’t been sold. “Selling Sunset Season 4 premieres in 12 hours and since I know you’re all wondering… No, Davina still has not sold that 75 million dollar house,” the tweet read. Davina rose to the bait and replied: “Thanks for the support #classy”. Yikes.

Anyone got the money hanging around and want to help a gal out?

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