Shannon says Love Island 2021 couples are fake and their relationships are ‘like a job’

‘They all have moved in together but I feel like it is keeping up appearances’ 😬

Love Island 2021 Islander, Shannon Singh, has suggested that all the couples from this year’s show that are still together are fake, and that staying together is more like a full-time job to them.

In the last couple of weeks, three of the four finalist couples have announced they have moved in together. Millie and Liam bought a £1million home together, Faye did a house tour of the house she and Teddy have bought and Chloe and Toby also moved into a £1million home that used to belong to Henry VIII.

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However Shannon, who was dumped from the villa just 48 hours into the series this year, has said she thinks this is all just for show. “Their relationships are almost keeping up a job,” she told the Sun. “They have got the whole public looking at their relationship. They all have moved in together but I feel like it is keeping up appearances and I don’t have to do that.

“You have everyone’s opinions and that is probably one of the reasons they won’t last. They have too many people peering in their relationship. Especially when you are so young. A lot of the couples are really young, which is a time to make mistakes, but they are going to make mistakes in the eyes of everyone.”

Love Island 2021 Islander Shannon Singh says couples from the show are fake and their relationships are like a job

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Shortly after not finding love on the show, Shannon got back with her ex, DJ Ben Sterling. She says, unlike the Islanders, she will not be sharing her relationship. “I am with Ben and really happy he took me back but I am safeguarding our relationship,” she said. “I have got the luxury they [the Islanders] don’t have. If I had met someone on the show I don’t think it would have gone that great because you have everyone peering in on your relationship. I want to keep us a normal, happy relationship.”


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