Now I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here has died, let’s relive the most iconic moments

Gone are the days when Gillian McKeith would pretend to faint on live TV

This year’s lineup for I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here was recently announced and boy, oh boy, it’s dry. Gone are the days when Gemma Collins would cry in a helicopter or when Gillian McKeith would faint live on air. What has become of good old fashioned television? Whilst we try not to judge a book by its cover and keep spirits high whilst we enter a brand new series, let’s go through some of our favourite moments from I’m A Celeb over the years, starting with Joey Essex in 2015:

7. Amy Willerton teaching Joey Essex how to tell the time

Joey appeared on I’m A Celeb back in 2015 and he admitted he wasn’t able to tell the time unless he had his phone on him. Then Amy Willerton got involved and gave Joey the best lesson of his life, she used sticks and mud and helped Joey learn to read a clock. It was a full circle moment and honestly, I think I shed a tear.

6. Lady C refusing to take part in a challenge

We knew Lady C was going to be a hun as soon as she walked in. But she really gave us quality entertainment when she began to throw insults around. She told a fellow campmate they had the same intelligence level as a pea and then said they have a mouth like diarrhea.

5. Katie Price essentially dumping Alex Reid during her exit interview

The fact this actually happened is madness. During her time in 2009 I’m A Celeb, the second time after she met Peter Andre during 2004 – Katie broke up with Alex Reid live on air. But that’s not even the worst part because this was after Alex flew out to Australia with the intention of PROPOSING to her. She told Ant and Dec: “I’ve done a lot of reflecting and I think it;s best that I’m on my own. I just don’t want to be in a relationship. I’m not with him, no. I cannot live my life by anyone else.”

4. Peter Andre and Katie Price finding love

In the third season of I’m A Celeb, Peter Andre and Katie Price found love and pop culture was BORN. During their time together, Katie was fixated on Peter but little did she know the entire nation was fixated on the both of them.

Sure, their marriage didn’t last. But we will always have their jungle romance.

3. Gemma Collins crying in the helicopter meme

If there’s one thing I’m A Celeb proves, it’s that the British public are sick and twisted individuals. Plus all of this on top of the fact it was Gemma Collins – we knew she wasn’t going to have the time of her life. Things didn’t get off into a great start when Gemma refused to fly into the first challenge on a helicopter. But finally she gave in and an entire nation was given this fantastic meme.

2. Kim Woodburn retching at the food challenge

In 2009 Kim Woodburn ate kangaroo anus and the entire British public lost their mind over it. At first she was terrified to tuck into her snack and referred to Ant and Dec as “ratbags”but thankfully she gave in and my god, it was iconic.

1. Gillian McKeith pretending to faint

Obviously Gillian McKeith’s fainting habit had to be first. It doesn’t matter whether you watched this live or not, everyone has seen Gillian McKeith faint and medic Bob rushing in after she collapsed live on telly. Not to mention Ofcom then being hit with 50 complaints regarding Gillian’s “deception” – you just cannot make this up.

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