Ranked: The 19 most shocking and gruesome moments there have ever been on YOU

Will I ever forget Joe putting a man in a meat grinder? Probably not

What makes YOU on Netflix the show it is, is the fact that it gives us the most with serving up back to back shocking, ridiculous and horrendously gruesome moments. From season one to now, the show has handed us twists, turns, gore, deaths and some very annoying characters, and we have soaked up and loved every minute of it.

Everything from Beck not owning curtains, to Joe sticking a man in a meat grinder and all that’s in between. Here are the most shocking and gruesome scenes and moments that have ever been on YOU, ranked by just how horrendous they truly were. Content warning: This contains a lot of details of death, gore and Joe and Love being awful.

19. The initial discovery that Beck doesn’t own curtains

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18. The measles montage in season three

Was this just a fever dream? When Joe had measles this entire scene hurt my head. What is going on here? Why are there two Joes? Is he seeing things? Is this all happening? I’m just confused.

The most shocking and gruesome moments there have ever been in YOU on Netflix

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17. Beck discovering Joe’s box of trophies

In season one when Beck is in Joe’s bathroom and goes up into the ceiling to pull down a box full of his creepy keepsakes, I gasped with her. Benji’s teeth spilling out onto the floor? Haunting.

16. Discovering Joe Goldberg loves public masturbation

We’re all very used to this now and desensitised to it as just another quirk in Joe’s weird personality – but remember when he first started masturbating in public? Just out in the street opposite Beck’s flat? He just whacked it out and started going like nobody was watching. Then when an innocent old lady nearly caught him in the act as she left her home, he helped her with her bags and linked her arm with the very hand he had been using! Gross.

15. The drug episode in season two

The LSD episode in season two wasn’t in the book at all, it was completely created for our viewing pleasure. And yet, I have no idea what I watched. It’s completely wild and then Joe is sat in the bath, hands covered in blood, thinking he may have killed Delilah.

The most shocking and gruesome moments there have ever been in YOU on Netflix

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14. Forty’s sad sad death

Forty was a massive hot mess, and extremely annoying at times. BUT HE DESERVED MORE. He had worked it all out and then he just DIED?! Messed up. I cried.

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13. Poor Dr Nicky getting into the back of the police car

He wasn’t exactly a likeable character, but my heart did feel a bit for how much of a broken man Dr Nicky looked stepping into that police car accused of killing Beck. He didn’t deserve this! He was just a slightly dodgy therapist! He said himself he has a wife and kids, and now he’s been framed for murder, poor guy.

12. Beck’s death

Shocking purely for the fact it was the first time around with Joe and we never thought it would come down to him actually killing her. Plus seeing him bury her body like that was a bit much.

11. Paco majorly mugging Beck off

On paper, not a shocking moment at all. But if you didn’t gasp when Beck got so close to escaping her death but then Paco wouldn’t help her out that last door – you’re lying. Sweet, innocent little Paco! Arguably more shocking than Beck dying in the first place.

10. Dottie drunk driving Henry through a taco drive-thru then burning down her vineyard

The most shocking and gruesome moments there have ever been in YOU on Netflix

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Ok this was just pure strange. Love’s mother took Henry, drove him through a taco drive-thru drunk and then set fire to a vineyard? Why didn’t the taco drive-thru girl ring the police? Why did this all even happen? Did I imagine this scene?

9. Natalie’s death

Season three really don’t hold back did it? A gory death in episode one? Sure! Love literally went at Natalie with an AXE and let her bleed out on the floor. And then, Love and Joe had to go back to her body and dig it up to rebury it without her weird tracking ring on her. We saw her decomposing body! And Joe snapped her fingers off!

8. When Jasper cut off Joe’s finger

This is high up purely for the shock value of someone hurting Joe Goldberg. That’s not how it goes! I was not expecting this guy to just rock up, take a knife to Joe’s finger and then expertly place it in ice and advise Joe on how to get it reattached. A shocker.

7. Joe hitting Peach over the head in broad daylight in Central Park

The most shocking and gruesome moments there have ever been in YOU on Netflix

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To this day I am still not completely sure how Joe managed to get away with this one. In broad day light, in no other place than the actual Central Park, Joe followed Peach and whacked her over the head with a rock in the middle of the pavement. Then he just left her there and managed to run off, covered in her blood, without anyone catching on.

6. Love bonking an anti-vaxxer over the head and the death of Gil

In this moment, Love really said fuck anti-vaxxers. You could tell Love was livid with him when she realised he was the reason her son Henry got measles. And you don’t make Love Quinn livid. She really just said “Hey, Gil” and went up a bonked him over the head like that. Wow.

5. Love killing Delilah and then eating muffins over her dead body

If Delilah’s shocking and brutal death wasn’t enough, it was a step too far even for Joe when they started eating muffins. Love was just going to sit there with Delilah’s rotting body in the room and eat some cake. Nice.

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4. Love killing Candace

This was just pure brutal and such a curveball. Love goes at Candace’s throat with a glass bottle. From this moment, we know Love Quinn is totally unhinged.

3. The entire ending of season three

The most shocking and gruesome moments there have ever been in YOU on Netflix

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Tbh, I’m just sad about this. The ending of YOU season three is the most shocking of all moments that season, as it saw Love and Joe turn on each other. At first, Love poisons Joe because she finds out he is obsessed with Marienne and wants a divorce. Watching Joe be so helpless, despite the fact he’s a batshit murderer, actually strangely broke my heart. Then, Joe poisons Love with a fatal amount of poison. Watching Love die, after saying “we’re perfect together” as “I think I’ve seen this film before and I didn’t like the ending” and her voiceover of the fake suicide note plays is gut-wrenching.

Then Joe cuts off his own finger, sticks it in a pie and burns down the house down – of course!

2. Benji rotting to death and literal juice coming out of him

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I’m gagging just thinking about it. This was HIDEOUS. When Joe killed Benji he kinda then forgot that he would have to, you know, dispose of the body. The AC had also gone out at the library, so things were heating up there and decomposition of Benji was pretty quick. We saw actual gunky JUICE leaking out of his rotting body. Vom.

1. Joe putting someone through a meat grinder

Joe Goldberg I will never forgive you for the nightmares you have caused me following this scene. Yes, Jasper was an issue and needed to be dealt with. Yes, Jasper was about to kill Joe and we can’t have that. But a montage of Joe chopping him into pieces, stuffing him into a meat grinder and then packing his minced up body into plastic bags?! TOO FAR NETFLIX, TOO FAR.

The most shocking and gruesome moments there have ever been in YOU on Netflix

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