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Love Island’s Anton says he feels ‘blessed to be alive’ after crashing into a bus

‘I just feel so grateful that no one was hurt’

Anton Danyluk from season five of Love Island says he feels “blessed to be alive” after crashing his car into a bus in Dubai.

Yesterday Anton shared on his Instagram story a picture of his crumpled car after getting into a crash with a bus. He said he was feeling blessed to be alive as the drivers in Dubai are “mad”.

Anton said: “Those who drive in Dubai will know the drivers are mad out here always rushing about. You have to have eyes in the back of your head.

“Feeling blessed to be alive after this last night. I will update you all later as to what happened, but I’m ok. I just feel so grateful that no one was hurt.”

via Instagram @anton_danyluk

Anton spoke to his followers on his Instagram story yesterday to say he was feeling ok and explained in further detail the incident that occurred.

He said he was driving home from the gym when a bus came in front of him and broke suddenly going over a speed bump.

Anton said: “So basically last night when I was driving home from the gym, a bus came across me, I’ve had a lot of messages people know what it’s like.

“The guys who drive in Dubai are just always in a rush to get places and basically a bus came across me and he’s braked hard because he’s went over a speed bump.

“Then I’ve went into the side of the back of him, and I don’t know how I’m okay – air bags are obviously a good thing.”

via Instagram @anton_danyluk

Anton clarified the car was a rental and so it “doesn’t really matter”, he said: “But yeah, I’m okay. We move, car’s damaged but obviously it’s a rental anyway so it doesn’t really matter.

“Wouldn’t matter anyway, main thing is that I’m okay so thank you for the love.”

Anton has continued posting on Instagram and updating his followers on his progress in the gym.

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