Holy spirit activate song TikTok

So this is where that Holy Spirit Activate song on TikTok comes from

Someone get this damn song out of my mind

Holy spirit activate is the latest song to go viral on TikTok. And as we know, you can make a viral audio out of pretty much anything. We’ve had popular sounds comes form songs, adverts, kids’ TV and theme tunes but where the hell does the holy spirit activate TikTok song come from and why can we not stop singing it every single waking minute of the day??

Luckily for you, I’m about to explain all. Here’s exactly where the viral audio comes from and the best selection of TikToks which use the song:

The holy spirit activate TikTok song comes from an American quiz show

So just like we have Family Fortunes in the UK, America has Family Feud and the celebrity version is hosted by Steve Harvey. Back in September earlier this year, an American pop group went onto the show and provided some iconic moments. One of them being holy spirit activate.

Chynna Phillips, member of the pop group, turned to religion when it was her turn to play. She began dancing, clapping and singing holy spirit activate over and over again.

The chant also clearly worked because the group won $25,000 for charity – the holy spirit was indeed activated.

This is what people are using the song for:

This one user shared a life hack on how to get banned from flying at your nearest airport.

@sirnetteWelcome to Atlanta #atlanta #airport #holyspirit #holyspiritactivate #trendtok #remix #POV #deltaairlines #noflylist♬ Holy Spirit Activate Remix – Victory Youth

Another person used the audio to share a clip of their cursed husband cooking. You can watch it here, but before you do, you’ll need to activate the holy spirit.

@cookitericaLawd help me 🙌🏽 #husbandsoftiktok #foodtok #squidgames #ohno♬ Egbe – Victory Youth

Okay I guarantee all of you will emotionally align with this next TikTok. Someone shared a clip of them dancing to the song and captioned their TikTok with: “When you see your friend talking to their piece of shit ex”.

@christines_snapsNo thanks loser! 🤦🏼‍♀️❌👻 #Christinessnaps #exes #nobones #halloween #itsyagirl♬ Egbe – Victory Youth

Next up shows another TikTok user choosing to activate the holy spirit before their exam – something we’re all familiar with.

@joechristianguyHoly Spirit activate 👏🏼🤣 #christian #christiantiktok #school #fyp #texas♬ Egbe – Victory Youth

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