Quiz: Can you guess the teen girl movie from just a screenshot?

Only Lindsay Lohan would get full marks

You may consider yourself a true connoisseur of teen girl movies – you can name all Hilary Duff’s early 2000s movies and quote the whole of Mean Girls in a heartbeat – but only true teen girl movie fans will be able to identify the movie from just a screenshot. So in order to test your knowledge you need to take our quiz.

The last 20 years has blessed us with some seriously good teen girl movies. Stellar casting, sensational Y2K fashion inspiration and very occasionally a film which doesn’t include a makeover scene.

On the surface most teen queen films can feel very similar. They usually feature a popular blonde girl who overcomes a challenge to get the man of her dreams. They’re very predictable and yet we loved them all.

But in order to find out just how much you really love them score full marks on this quiz by identifying the film from just a screenshot. It’s harder than you think.

Test your teen girl movie knowledge with our quiz:

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