These are the filming locations of Netflix’s newest drama series Maid

So can I actually go to Fisher Island?


Netflix’s newest limited drama series Maid has stayed firmly in the top 10 in the last week and tells the story of a young single mother, Alex, struggling to get by. The series is loosely based on the best-selling memoir Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay and a Mother’s Will to Survive by Stephanie Land.

The 10-part series has a stellar cast featuring Andie McDowell and her real life daughter Margaret Qualley. Margaret plays the lead role of Alex and Andie plays her distant mother.

The show is full of poignant moments, memorable characters and a bunch of stunning locations. But where exactly was Netflix’s Maid filmed and can you actually go to Fisher Island?

These are all the filming locations of Maid on Netflix:

Maid is set in Washington state and features a variety of locations including the domestic violence shelter Alex and Maddie stay at and the incredibly boujie looking Fisher Island.

The town Alex lives in is named Port Hampstead, however this doesn’t actually exist and is thought to be inspired by Port Townsend, where Stephanie Land lived during her late 20s.

Despite being set in the United States, filming actually took place in Canada during the pandemic. The series took seven months to film in Greater Victoria, British Colombia.

A number of real life locations were used in British Colombia including Ten Mile Point, the Sidney Pier, Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal and the Great Canadian Dollar Store.

Ten Mile Point was used as the location for the luxurious Fisher Island and the city of Colwood was where Port Hampstead was filmed.

After filming concluded the production team donated the costumes and set designs to a number of women’s organisations in Victoria.

Is Fisher Island real?

A big part of the series are the scenes which take place on Fisher Island. Alex is often seen travelling on the ferry to work there and it highlights the difference in Alex’s poverty and the enormous wealth surrounding her.

There technically is an island in Washington called Fisher Island but it is a featureless land mass and the island in Maid is thought to be inspired by Whidbey Island which is the nearest ferry ride to Port Townsend.

However there is an actual inhabited Fisher Island but it is located in Florida. The island has less than 400 inhabitants and is full of million dollar homes. It is generally thought of as the place in the United States with the highest income per capita.

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