Quiz: Can you guess where these students go to university from just one club pic?

You don’t have to have 20/20 vision to be able to identify a Durham fresher

Freshers’ Week is drawing to a climactic close, with first and second years up and down the country finally getting a post-lockdown release after stepping into clubs for what may well be the very first time. And with clubs back in full swing, that can only mean one thing: the return of the club photographer.

Sneakily moving between bodies like a passing ship in the night, the photographer is a cunning but evil presence in the cloob.

You can always count on the photographer to find you at your most pissed when OF COURSE you think it’s a good time to have a pic taken of you. So you gather all your mates, get the snap, and wait for the night to fade slowly into a morning of regret. Pure regret.

Because having a VK poured on you in a club with an over-excitable strobe is, categorically, funny at 3am. But it’s not funny in the harsh light of day when you’re trying to build yourself a credible LinkedIn presence.

The question is. Do these iconic clubber pics differ from uni to uni? And if so, can YOU tell? Take this quiz and see if you can guess which university these students go to from just one picture.

Featured image credit: James Gourlay (Distrikt Monday)

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