Quiz: Can you guess the uni city from the student house?

Do you know your Hyde Park terraces from your Bristol townhouses?

Every university has a distinct personality. Edgy Leeds. Ketty Bristol. Boring Durham. You’ve all heard the stereotypes before and for the most part, they ring true.

But what would a Fillet-of-Fish sandwich be without the bread? What would an Oreo be without the biscuit parts? What would a pornstar martini look like without a cute glass? I’ll tell you. They’d all be an absolute mess.

Every good thing relies on strong foundations. The slightly bitter infrastructure of the oreo allows the creamy goodness to sing loud and clear. In the same way, every good uni culture sprouts from the brick and mortar of the city it rests on.

The student houses of a uni city collectively carry the vibe of the place. But how well do you know uni cities from their houses? Take this quiz and see if you can guess the uni city from just one picture of the outside of a student house. I’m warning you now, you’re going to struggle.

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