Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which poshboy nickname you should have

We can’t all be Chuggs

Posh people do weird things like wearing gilets and giving each other nicknames like Chuggs.

I am of course referencing the latest edition to Love Island, Chuggs Wallis, who we revealed is actually called Oliver George Lee Wallis.

While Chuggs is pretty much your classic poshboy, it’s important that we don’t paint all poshboys with same brush. They’ve had a hard time. Give them a break.

There are actually many types of poshboy and many nicknames to accommodate those types.

There’s the out-and-out rugby boy who’s destined for the city. There’s the one who plays up at uni but is secretly a mummy’s boy.

There’s the guy who went against his parents’ wishes and embarked on a life-changing gap year, before returning home and taking a ridiculously high position in his dad’s business.

And for every type of poshboy, there’s a poshboy nickname. What’s abundantly clear is that absolutely no effort has gone into the creation of this nickname whatsoever.

In fact, it’s probably just adding the ending -sy or -o to a surname. Nonetheless, each version of the poshboy nickname says something unique about its chino-wearing owner.

So, take this quiz and we’ll tell you which poshboy nickname you should have.


Featured image: Credit: @chuggswallis

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