How well did you pay attention to the details in Squid Game? Take this quiz to find out

Only the old man is getting full marks here

Squid Game is full of tiny details, incredible character arcs and wild, wild plot lines. There are loads of theories about the intense, dystopian show – which has lead it to be one of the most talked about series on Netflix this year. Everyone is talking about how hooked they have become, and it’s one of those shows you simply can’t take your eyes off. But how much were you actually paying attention to everything going on in the show? This Squid Game trivia quiz is about to test your true knowledge.

So, do you remember all of the games in the show and exactly what happened? What number was each of the characters? What did it mean if a staff member was wearing a circle, square or triangle on their head? And the biggest question of them all: Were you watching intently enough to make the old man, Il-nam, proud? It’s time to find out.

Take this trivia quiz to find out just how well you were paying attention to Squid Game:

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