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A deep dive into all of the traumatising, deadly games from Netflix’s Squid Game

These games are savage wtf

Netflix’s series Squid Game is on its way to becoming the platform’s most watched series ever. Squid Game sees players complete several children’s games to win a big amount of money. The players are a group of strangers who are drowning in financial debt, so they all take part to try and win the huge cash prize but they quickly learn there’s a pretty hefty consequence for anyone who loses a game. If you’re just getting started on the series now, you’re probably wondering how many games there are in total. Luckily for you, we’ve got the details on all the games played in Squid Game and what they each are.

Warning: Squid Game spoilers ahead

Okay so there are actually six games in Squid Game, here’s what they are:

There are six games in Squid Game that the contestants have to each compete in. Every game is based on popular children’s games and you’ll probably recognise a few of them.

The first game is Red Light, Green Light – which is the equivalent of Grandma’s Footsteps (or What’s the Time Mr Wolf?). Except instead of going to stand on the side of the playground when you’re caught moving, contestants in Squid Game get shot on the spot.

Squid Game games

The first game is Red Light, Green Light

The second game might not be that familiar to you. The contestants have to try and cut a shape, either a circle, triangle, star or umbrella out of a piece of honeycomb. Those who break their shape are then killed.

Squid Game games

The second game, via Netflix

In the third game the contestants are sorted into groups of 10 before they’re told the details of the game. After they’re put into teams, they’re told they are playing tug of war. But guess what happens to the losing team? Correct, they die. Imminent death seems to be a running theme in Squid Game, right??

Squid Game games

The third game is tug of war

Okay so the fourth game is when the players are told to get into pairs, again this happens before they’re told what they’re going to be playing. They then get told they’re going to play against their partner in a game of marbles. The person who loses dies.

The fourth game, via Netflix

The fifth game is crazy. The remaining players are told they have to select a number between one and sixteen and then they’re told they will be crossing a bridge in that order. But the catch is that each player must jump on one of two glass panels that the bridge is made up of – but only one is strong enough to hold them. Those who jump on the wrong panel then fall to their death.

The fifth game, via Netflix

Finally the last of the games is Squid Game, which we see kids playing at the very start of episode one. In the opening scene of the first episode we hear a voiceover describing the rules of the game to us. They say: “It’s played in a court shaped like a squid. Children are divided into two groups, the offense and the defense. Once the game starts, the defence can run around on two feet in bounds, while the offence outside the lines are only allowed to hop on one foot. But if an attacker cuts through the waist of the squid past the defense, they are given the freedom to use both feet.”

Squid Game games

The Squid Game, via Netflix

In order to win Squid Game the attacker must tap the small closed off space on the squid’s head with their foot. But if someone manages to push them outside the squid’s boundary, they die.

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