Graham Norton Queen of the Universe

Graham Norton announced as host of new ‘Eurovision-style’ drag singing competition

Queen Of The Universe is set to premiere on December 2nd

Graham Norton has just been announced as the host of Queen Of The Universe, a new drag singing competition from the production company behind RuPaul’s Drag Race, World Of Wonder. The concept is similar to the also Graham Norton fronted iconic yearly highlight that is Eurovision – and will feature countries sending their best drag vocalists to compete singing live.

The show has been rumoured for a while, but first got officially confirmed to be in the works at a press day in February. Graham Norton’s announcement as host comes after a recent signing on following several months of discussions around the contract, according to Variety.

Graham Norton Queen of the Universe


Graham Norton is more than qualified for this new gig, after becoming nothing short of a national treasure for his iconic and timeless commentary for our UK broadcast of Eurovision. It’s got to the point where his commentary is as essential as the daft outfits and high camp antics of the contest itself. Couple that with three excellent years on the judging panel of RuPaul’s Drag Race, where he’s cast his eye over vocals in Rusicals and a certain little ditty known as UK Hun (try not to start bing, bang, bonging) and you’ve got the host that dreams are made of.

Graham Norton starts hosting Queen Of The Universe on December 2nd, when it premieres on Paramount Plus. It’s not yet been announced where we can watch it in the UK, but it’s likely that we’ll be able to watch on Netflix or via Wow Presents Plus if it follows the same pattern as Drag Race and All Stars.

Featured image courtesy of BBC.

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